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OSI Industries vs The Competition

Whether you call them food providers or food suppliers, these organizations offer some of the most vital products and services. In all honest, many of your favorite retailors and restaurants doesn’t have their own agricultural farms to supply them with food. These retailors choose to work with professional food services and there is a huge selection to choose from. OSI Industries dominate the competition in so many ways. Unlike the average foodservice provider, OSI pushes the limit by taking the logistical-stress away from the actual client. Some food providers only focus of distribution or development. Other food providers specialize in management. OSI Industries’ name says it all because it covers numerous industries to get the job done.

There are more than 65 facilities that makeup this global empire. In addition to that, the company employs over 20,000 individuals. The numbers are literally staggering to some degree and the company is always looking to hire people who are ambitious about the tasks at hand. CEO Sheldon Lavin has done an amazing job with pulling the company from the depths. This company has went from being local to being international. It takes vision, passion and perseverance to make this happen and Mr. Lavin has personified it to the fullest degree. This guy has won the prestigious Global Visionary Award in 2016. China has benefited greatly from OSI Industries.

The country’s economy is a direct reflection of the impact that comes from this astounding company, and it has been conducting business for up to 20 years. OSI Industries has an estimated 10 state-of-the-art facilities in China, and it’s the largest producer of poultry in the country.Forbes has ranked the company multiple times on its annual list of successful companies. In 2011, OSI Industries generated $3 billion in revenue, which made it the nation’s 136th largest company. By 2016, OSI Industries had jumped to the 58th position while generating over $6 billion in revenue. The numbers don’t lie. All in all, OSI industries has the game on lock, and it’s achieving great status through a multitude of ways.


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Adam Milstein is a Successful Real Estate Investor

The United States and Israel have always had a close relationship. This is partly because the United States has long been a destination for people emigrating from Europe, including European Jews. After fighting World War II to defeat Hitler and the Nazis, the U.S. supported the formation of Israel.

Like many, Adam Milstein has a duel background. He was born in Haifa, Israel. In 1971, he joined the Israeli Defense Forces, and he fought during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. He served in the Army Division of Ariel Sharon that crossed the Suez into Egypt, where the Third Army Division surrendered. After leaving the military, Adam Milstein enrolled in Technion, the Israeli Institute of Technology. In 1978 he graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Science degree for business and economics. He had already joined his father in the family real estate development business. So, for his early life and professional career, Adam Milstein was strictly an Israeli.

However, in 1981 Adam Milstein and his family moved to the United States to attend the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Two years later, he received his Master of Business Administration degree, and went to work as a real estate agent in commercial real estate. He has been a proud and successful Israeli-American ever since.

And Adam Milstein has remained active in the real estate world. He is currently the managing partner of Hagar Pacific Properties, a firm that invests in real estate. They own and manage nearly 100 properties located around the United States. They manage 3,000 apartments, and 10 million square feet of space in the industrial or commercial properties. Their total portfolio’s market value exceed $1 billion.

Hagar Pacific is not just a property manager, however. They acquire properties that are getting older and in less desirable condition. They are often vacant, or have environmental problems. They are under-performing, or just plain no longer prime real commercial real estate. Hagar Pacific and Adam Milstein know how to return these properties to profitability. They know the strategies to employ to accomplish that feat. They may physically repair and rehabilitate the building. Or re-position it for another kind of use. Or environmentally remediate it. click here

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Securus Technology: Preventing Contraband Cell Phones

Securus Technologies isn’t a company you hear about a lot. By the nature of their business they are a discreet company. I actually hadn’t heard about them at all until I read a press release recently. The release stated that thousands of Securus’ clients voluntarily wrote in to share positive feedback with how well the security technology was working for their entities. The majority of them were correctional institutions and members of law enforcement.


I had never thought about a prison or correctional facility needing security against cell phone use. I always think the only phone use is people sitting on opposite sides of the glass speaking into the types of phones you used to see at a pay phone. However, most of my crime knowledge comes from watching Law & Order reruns on Saturday mornings, so I’m not the most knowledgeable source.


Apparently, cell phone use and the smuggling in of contraband cell phones is a big issue in the correctional systems. Cell phones are the new drug of choice to sneak into prisons. I had never thought of all the damage that could be done if an inmate (especially a violent one) had access to a cell phone, let alone what damage could be done if they could access a wireless network.


Securus Technologies specializes in preventing and detecting the correctional institutions. For example, the company has software called Cell Defender that can seek out contraband mobile phones. Another technology the company has is called the Wireless Containment Solution. This technology is designed to prohibit phones from accessing unwarranted wireless networks. Securus also has a technology that monitors phone calls. Many of the testimonials referred to the benefits of monitoring phone calls. Overall, while I had never thought about this type of technology, it put me at peace that Securus Technology has.

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Six Simple Ways To Keep Your Ecommerce Personalization Up and Your Customers Coming Back

We recently spoke with Sentient AI, which is a data solutions agency focusing on online marketing and ecommerce content. We wanted to know their perspective on ecommerce personalization and how to keep customers loyal to your brand.

“Your customer might leave you a positive review, but that does not mean they will come back for more. You need to work hard to earn someone’s business and then keep it”.

Representative from Sentient AI

According to Sentient AI, there are 6 simple ways to keep your customers happy and loyal to your online brand.

1) You need to build a relationship with them, even become their friend in some way. You cannot just move on and focus on the next transaction. You need to follow up. You cannot rely on positive reviews alone and leave it at that.

“The more loyalty you build with your customer, the more they will recommend you to someone else”.

2) You should offer an appreciation of some kind because you should never assume they are going to be happy. Show them you care. Send them a thank you note in the mail after their online purchase.

3) Make it easy for them to talk to you. Respond promptly to any messages you receive. Some buyers might offer a chance to get to know them better on a personal level. You should take them up on that offer because it will only increase the likelihood that they continue to trust you.

Some sellers will have excellent communication at first, but once the product is delivered, they reduce their chat time and start blowing you off. Those of you who want to be successful should avoid this trap as much as possible.

4) You need your best people at the front of the line to handle the customers. Your product will mean nothing unless you have a great team on your side.

5) Pay it forward.

6) Listen to what your customers are saying. Respond honestly when they ask you a question. Sellers who dismiss a question, or only respond to specific questions intentionally, they are sending a direct message to you. Sometimes it is what a seller is not saying that tells you everything you need to know.

“Customer loyalty does not end after the product is shipped and delivered. You need to find a way to always stay in touch”.


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Betsy DeVos and What She is Teaching Us About Determination

Having been born into a wealthy family, and later as the wife of an Amway mogul’s son, Betsy DeVos entered her newly appointed position as Secretary of Education under President Donald Trump’s administration with all that against her in the liberals’ eyes. She arrived in Washington on a negative tangent as a big-government neophyte who appeared to speak out of both sides of her mouth regarding President Trump’s rescission of the federal policy which allowed transgender students to use the restroom that matched their gender identities.


Multiple tabloids have referred to the new Secretary of Education as “two Betsys” — one as a Grand Rapids, Michigan, pragmatist who is practical and dogmatic yet has a heart, and the other who has been described as “tone deaf” or “tunnel-visioned” in her role as education secretary under Trump’s administration. She has been described in very contrasting lights, on one hand being used as fodder for late night comedy yet on the other hand being referred to by Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) as “personable, plain-spoken, but potentially dangerous.”(1)


Regardless of her initial verbal bumbling when interrogated about her knowledge of federal involvement in education issues such as students loans, it does appear that DeVos is a quick learner who is determined and keeps her eye on her personal prize(s) and agendas, such as promoting vouchers for charter and private schools.


There are multiple reviews of journalists’ and analysts‘ opinions about Mrs. DeVos, but they are quickly leaning to the school of thought that she is not a leader to be taken lightly. This is obviated much in the fact that when she was spoofed by the left-slanted media, she didn’t become caustic or return the favor. She laughed at herself and went on with her agenda.


Indeed, DeVos obviously knows that agenda. Her devout drive to push for school vouchers and more charter schools is not to be ignored. Public schools might feel the quake of her scrutiny, as it is clear that she has reviewed their performance based on test scores and her hometown public school system screams of inequity. She herself is a product of private schooling, but whereas she appears to stand by the right-wing mantra of equal opportunity, opponents have obviously seen her money and the DeVos name like equal privilege. Grand Rapids, Michigan, is known as a place wherein “you cannot swing a cat without hitting something that has the DeVos name on it.”


Once again it appears that President Donald Trump has made an appointment decision that at first seemed arbitrary and possibly even a little ludicrous. And once again, regardless of criticism that has been thrown at the new secretary of education, his seemingly radical choice might be screaming that he made the “right” choice. Let’s hope so. Learn more:



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Traveling Through the Beautiful Fagali’I Airport

The Fagali’I Airport has been in business for over a decade now, and it is one of the Somoa area’s largest airports. Within the Fagali’I Airport itself are two different airlines, the America Somoa and the Fagali’I Airline. Because of how large and spacious the airport is, it allows for both local and international travel. Originally owned by the local government, Polynesian Airlines recently purchased the Fagali’I Airport to create a better way for locals and foreigners to travel without the headache of spending a ton of money on flights.


A key benefit that makes the Fagali’I Airport different from many other local options is that you can do your booking from the comfort of your home. You can visit the Fagali’I Airport site and utilize their convenient and updated booking system for all of your needs. Once you begin to book online, you’ll get the information that you need to either print out or deliver your ticket for your future flight. Flights start at reasonable prices, and you can choose between business and first class according to what you’re able to afford. Another key factor to using the Fagali’I Airport is their safety measures and the ability to travel while feeling secure at all times. Their helpful staff will ensure that you have a great flight, both while in the Fagali’I Airport itself and while you’re on the plane according to

By choosing the Fagali’I Airport, you’re able to travel either abroad or within the Somoa area. You can keep yourself updated on Fagali’I Airport flights and delays by visiting their website or by contacting them by telephone. This allows you to begin the process of booking your flight or finding out when a plane is set to arrive. Whether you are going to be traveling with the family for an upcoming holiday or you’re going to be taking a flight for business purposes, the Fagali’I Airport has you fully covered at an affordable price according to Their restaurants, cafes, shops and restrooms make traveling easy, fun and highly convenient no matter where you happen to be going all around the world using the Fagali’I Airport.

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How Securus Technologies is Changing the Lives of People

In correctional facilities, it is of the essence to ensure that the safety of the inmates, as well as that of the correctional officers, is guaranteed at all times. This can be achieved by installing security systems such as monitoring security cameras. In Dallas Texas, for instance, Securus Technologies is the entrusted company mandated with providing security and safety services to individuals working or incarcerated in correctional facilities.

Though Securus Technologies has been designed to provide monitoring services to correctional facilities, different people have used this technology to monitor their own households. With this in mind, various opinions have been aired by different people regarding the services offered by the company. According to the chairman and the acting Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technology Mr. Richard Smith, the company develops a new product or new service on a daily basis. This is done to ensure that every user who uses the technology has the latest products that guarantee them of their security and above the par services.

Just like a regular company, Securus Technologies receives a substantial amount of feedback from its clients. The company understands and values the feedback obtained from their clients. This can be attributed to the fact that without the clients, there can be no Securus Technologies.

Some of the feedback obtained from the clients portrays a large number of highly satisfied clients. Some attribute the arrest of corrupt officials, drug peddlers, and reporting of real data to Securus Technologies. Based on the comments and feedback obtained from the clients, it is evident that most of them are a happy lot.

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 with the aim of providing security by monitoring the activities of inmates. With more than three decades in the industry, Securus Technologies has invested more than $600 million in technology, acquisitions, and patents. Some of its most successful technological acquisition was a system that could control the sale or distribution of contraband cell phones.


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DREAMers Called Back Into Action

Caving to demands from the Governor of Texas and attorneys general from nine states, President Donald Trump ordered an end to a program offering essential protections for migrant children, then later called on congress to pass immigration legislation to replace it, leaving the future of 800,000 childhood arrivals shrouded in confusion. Legislators have six months before the program phases out.

In a recent article on, Carmen Carnejo makes a rallying cry of her own, calling on immigrants and allies to fight these alarming developments by “organizing with the same fervor as we did in 2012,” referring to the DREAMer movement that culminated the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program implemented by the Obama Administration via executive order.

As its name suggests, DACA is a renewable deferral program that protects certain undocumented residents from deportation, as long as they arrived as a minor, received a high school education, and meet a few other criteria. Recipients are provided a social security number and work permit, and, in most states, may acquire a driver’s license and access in-state-tuition fees.

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin of the Frontera Fund are on the front lines of immigration rights in the border state of Arizona, and will provide their guidance and assistance in the fight to preserve DACA. The Frontera Fund was founded to benefit Arizona’s embattled Hispanic community, and distributes grants to worthy nonprofit groups that advocate for Hispanic civil rights.

Despite repeated defeats in Congress, there is bipartisan support for legislation reform, including protection for DREAMers; in its five years of implementation, DACA beneficiaries have contributed millions to the US economy through higher education, business ownership, and taxable income. The Frontera Fund, along with nonprofits and activists across the country, will continue to fight for a permanent DREAM Act legislation.

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The Great Impact that Lori Senecal Has Made In The Marketing Sector.

Lori Senecal is the chief executive officer of Global at the Bogusky and Crispin. She believes that her current prosperity got profoundly influenced by her early life. Being younger than her siblings Lori believes that the success of her siblings inspired her to achieve higher goals in her career and her life too. Although one may think that it was easy for her to fulfills her dreams, she underwent many challenges in her life.

Just after completing her undergraduate studies in Sales and Marketing, Senecal joined the world of the employment. In this sector, she would turn everything that came across her to be a success. Being talented with leading organizations and companies in a better way, Lori ensured that she would leave a film in a better state than she found it. According to Fast Company, Senecal’s commitment to bringing the best in companies and people has made her famous among the employers who would want to be the leader of their organizations.

Through her motivational skills, Lori launched the TAG Ideation in 2003; a marketing unit that is composed of young people. She is also well vast with knowledge in multinational account skills with considerable experience in data analytics. Some of the world’s famous companies that Lori have worked with include the Nestle, Weight Watcher’s, InBev, Molson, Applebee’s Staples, Xbox among many others. Lori Senecal has also worked as the Global Accountant Director in the Coca-Cola Company. From 2005 to 2008, Lori worked as the chief marketing officer of DDB Worldwide Communication Group Inc.

Since she is a market, this year, Lori gave her insights concerning the new trends in digital marketing. According to her, this year’s marketing trend will shift to creating videos and images that get distinguished in a crowded marketing platform. She believes that consumers will overlook the ordinary ads and focus on the unique ones. Some of the trends that digital marketing should focus on are using real people, targeting at the heart of the consumers, use of robust colors, getting rid of any irritation on the consumers, optimizing primarily for mobile, creating ads that delight and surprises the consumers and the use of influential ladies. View Lori’s profile on

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How NewsWatch Helped SteelSeries Conquer The Global Market

In Fall 2013, NewsWatch and SteelSeries worked together to help SteelSeries promote their brand and products. NewsWatch produced two separate video projects about SteelSeries that helped SteelSeries’ own marketing efforts immensely.

Tori Pugliese, SteelSeries’ marketing and PR contact, had nothing but good things to say about the experience. “It was an excellent experience,” she said. “The team has been great.” She was most impressed with how easy it was for her team to communicate with NewsWatch and how NewsWatch was able to deliver videos that were easy for consumers to understand. “The collaboration was easy… the quality of the video was great.” She also went on to explain how SteelSeries was able to repurpose NewsWatch content in their own marketing campaigns, especially on social media.
While these videos were about Steelseries, NewsWatch was responsible for scripting, producing, editing, and distributing the videos. They were broadcast on major US cable channels and distributed on the internet via social media and online networks. SteelSeries was extremely pleased with the result of the project. “We saw awesome distribution,” said Pugliese. “The quality of the video was great!”
NewsWatch is a United States television news magazine that covers a wide variety of topics, including celebrity interviews, news, app and electronic reviews, and sponsored content. NewsWatch carefully chooses the companies it works with in order to produce quality content that educates, entertains, and promotes their partners. In addition to the Danish electronics brand SteelSeries, NewsWatch has worked with many global brands, including Casio, D-Link, and Sony. It airs on AMC and ION Network.
NewsWatch also maintains a growing social media presence. It’s had more than 4 million views on its YouTube channel in less than 5 years and interacts with consumers on Twitter, google+, Instagram, Facebook and more. While the TV stations that carry NewsWatch broadcast to more than 90 million households, social media allows NewsWatch to share its content worldwide.