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Unique Services Offered by the Copa Star Hospital

When you hear about Copacabana, you think of five-star hotels and beaches. While this is partly true, there is a five-star hospital in Copacabana that is changing the way people view hospitals. To many of us, we have bad memories about hospitals for several reasons. This could be due to the bad infrastructure in hospitals, poor quality food or even rude staff. The D’Or Network has changed this perception in Brazil by introducing a five-star hospital equipped like a five-star hotel. The concept was inspired by the 2014 FIFA World Cup where foreigners were seeking such services. While the tournament may have ended four years ago, Brazilians are buying the concept. For this reason, Copa Star Hospital is being viewed as an enemy of other lesser equipped hospitals in the area.

The Copa Star Hospital infrastructure is quite different from its architecture. The halls of this hospital are unique and are also decorated differently. For instance, the walls of the hospital have been equipped with artworks from Japanese artists. The aim of these artworks is to create a serene and ambient environment. When it comes to medical equipment, no hospital in the area can match their equipment. Imagine a hospital that has smart operating rooms using modern and state of the art medical equipment. To understand the sophistication of the hospital, it employs robotic medicine coupled with telemedicine. All the neurosurgery rooms in this hospital are equipped with magnetic resonance equipment. Finally, the hybrid rooms within this hospital make it one of its kind. Copa Star Hospital has gained popularity in the area such that patients from Brazil opt to seek medication here rather than fly abroad. Other than local customers, Copa Star Hospital has clients from neighboring countries such as Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela as well as Bolivia and Colombia. View the design at RAF Arquitetura.

Like any other business around the globe, Copa Star Hospital has embraced social media as a marketing tool and as an avenue of customer care. Through its Facebook profile, Twitter profile and Instagram profile, the hospital responds to the queries of their customer. Also, the hospital uses the pages to update their customers and clients about their latest products and services. The owners of the hospital attribute their success to commitment and offering services like no other hospital. Their staff undergo training beyond the one afforded to normal medical professionals. Hospital Copa Star emphasizes the need of hiring the most talented people in the South American region.

Other than the medical department, there are other departments in the hospital that help in the running of the hospital, and they include the clothing department, supply department, and the maintenance department. The hospital has over 100 doctors in their payroll and more than 500 employees working in these departments.

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