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How Securus Technologies is Changing the Lives of People

In correctional facilities, it is of the essence to ensure that the safety of the inmates, as well as that of the correctional officers, is guaranteed at all times. This can be achieved by installing security systems such as monitoring security cameras. In Dallas Texas, for instance, Securus Technologies is the entrusted company mandated with providing security and safety services to individuals working or incarcerated in correctional facilities.

Though Securus Technologies has been designed to provide monitoring services to correctional facilities, different people have used this technology to monitor their own households. With this in mind, various opinions have been aired by different people regarding the services offered by the company. According to the chairman and the acting Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technology Mr. Richard Smith, the company develops a new product or new service on a daily basis. This is done to ensure that every user who uses the technology has the latest products that guarantee them of their security and above the par services.

Just like a regular company, Securus Technologies receives a substantial amount of feedback from its clients. The company understands and values the feedback obtained from their clients. This can be attributed to the fact that without the clients, there can be no Securus Technologies.

Some of the feedback obtained from the clients portrays a large number of highly satisfied clients. Some attribute the arrest of corrupt officials, drug peddlers, and reporting of real data to Securus Technologies. Based on the comments and feedback obtained from the clients, it is evident that most of them are a happy lot.

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 with the aim of providing security by monitoring the activities of inmates. With more than three decades in the industry, Securus Technologies has invested more than $600 million in technology, acquisitions, and patents. Some of its most successful technological acquisition was a system that could control the sale or distribution of contraband cell phones.