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Six Simple Ways To Keep Your Ecommerce Personalization Up and Your Customers Coming Back

We recently spoke with Sentient AI, which is a data solutions agency focusing on online marketing and ecommerce content. We wanted to know their perspective on ecommerce personalization and how to keep customers loyal to your brand.

“Your customer might leave you a positive review, but that does not mean they will come back for more. You need to work hard to earn someone’s business and then keep it”.

Representative from Sentient AI

According to Sentient AI, there are 6 simple ways to keep your customers happy and loyal to your online brand.

1) You need to build a relationship with them, even become their friend in some way. You cannot just move on and focus on the next transaction. You need to follow up. You cannot rely on positive reviews alone and leave it at that.

“The more loyalty you build with your customer, the more they will recommend you to someone else”.

2) You should offer an appreciation of some kind because you should never assume they are going to be happy. Show them you care. Send them a thank you note in the mail after their online purchase.

3) Make it easy for them to talk to you. Respond promptly to any messages you receive. Some buyers might offer a chance to get to know them better on a personal level. You should take them up on that offer because it will only increase the likelihood that they continue to trust you.

Some sellers will have excellent communication at first, but once the product is delivered, they reduce their chat time and start blowing you off. Those of you who want to be successful should avoid this trap as much as possible.

4) You need your best people at the front of the line to handle the customers. Your product will mean nothing unless you have a great team on your side.

5) Pay it forward.

6) Listen to what your customers are saying. Respond honestly when they ask you a question. Sellers who dismiss a question, or only respond to specific questions intentionally, they are sending a direct message to you. Sometimes it is what a seller is not saying that tells you everything you need to know.

“Customer loyalty does not end after the product is shipped and delivered. You need to find a way to always stay in touch”.


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Betsy DeVos and What She is Teaching Us About Determination

Having been born into a wealthy family, and later as the wife of an Amway mogul’s son, Betsy DeVos entered her newly appointed position as Secretary of Education under President Donald Trump’s administration with all that against her in the liberals’ eyes. She arrived in Washington on a negative tangent as a big-government neophyte who appeared to speak out of both sides of her mouth regarding President Trump’s rescission of the federal policy which allowed transgender students to use the restroom that matched their gender identities.


Multiple tabloids have referred to the new Secretary of Education as “two Betsys” — one as a Grand Rapids, Michigan, pragmatist who is practical and dogmatic yet has a heart, and the other who has been described as “tone deaf” or “tunnel-visioned” in her role as education secretary under Trump’s administration. She has been described in very contrasting lights, on one hand being used as fodder for late night comedy yet on the other hand being referred to by Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) as “personable, plain-spoken, but potentially dangerous.”(1)


Regardless of her initial verbal bumbling when interrogated about her knowledge of federal involvement in education issues such as students loans, it does appear that DeVos is a quick learner who is determined and keeps her eye on her personal prize(s) and agendas, such as promoting vouchers for charter and private schools.


There are multiple reviews of journalists’ and analysts‘ opinions about Mrs. DeVos, but they are quickly leaning to the school of thought that she is not a leader to be taken lightly. This is obviated much in the fact that when she was spoofed by the left-slanted media, she didn’t become caustic or return the favor. She laughed at herself and went on with her agenda.


Indeed, DeVos obviously knows that agenda. Her devout drive to push for school vouchers and more charter schools is not to be ignored. Public schools might feel the quake of her scrutiny, as it is clear that she has reviewed their performance based on test scores and her hometown public school system screams of inequity. She herself is a product of private schooling, but whereas she appears to stand by the right-wing mantra of equal opportunity, opponents have obviously seen her money and the DeVos name like equal privilege. Grand Rapids, Michigan, is known as a place wherein “you cannot swing a cat without hitting something that has the DeVos name on it.”


Once again it appears that President Donald Trump has made an appointment decision that at first seemed arbitrary and possibly even a little ludicrous. And once again, regardless of criticism that has been thrown at the new secretary of education, his seemingly radical choice might be screaming that he made the “right” choice. Let’s hope so. Learn more:



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Traveling Through the Beautiful Fagali’I Airport

The Fagali’I Airport has been in business for over a decade now, and it is one of the Somoa area’s largest airports. Within the Fagali’I Airport itself are two different airlines, the America Somoa and the Fagali’I Airline. Because of how large and spacious the airport is, it allows for both local and international travel. Originally owned by the local government, Polynesian Airlines recently purchased the Fagali’I Airport to create a better way for locals and foreigners to travel without the headache of spending a ton of money on flights.


A key benefit that makes the Fagali’I Airport different from many other local options is that you can do your booking from the comfort of your home. You can visit the Fagali’I Airport site and utilize their convenient and updated booking system for all of your needs. Once you begin to book online, you’ll get the information that you need to either print out or deliver your ticket for your future flight. Flights start at reasonable prices, and you can choose between business and first class according to what you’re able to afford. Another key factor to using the Fagali’I Airport is their safety measures and the ability to travel while feeling secure at all times. Their helpful staff will ensure that you have a great flight, both while in the Fagali’I Airport itself and while you’re on the plane according to

By choosing the Fagali’I Airport, you’re able to travel either abroad or within the Somoa area. You can keep yourself updated on Fagali’I Airport flights and delays by visiting their website or by contacting them by telephone. This allows you to begin the process of booking your flight or finding out when a plane is set to arrive. Whether you are going to be traveling with the family for an upcoming holiday or you’re going to be taking a flight for business purposes, the Fagali’I Airport has you fully covered at an affordable price according to Their restaurants, cafes, shops and restrooms make traveling easy, fun and highly convenient no matter where you happen to be going all around the world using the Fagali’I Airport.

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