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Securus Technology: Preventing Contraband Cell Phones

Securus Technologies isn’t a company you hear about a lot. By the nature of their business they are a discreet company. I actually hadn’t heard about them at all until I read a press release recently. The release stated that thousands of Securus’ clients voluntarily wrote in to share positive feedback with how well the security technology was working for their entities. The majority of them were correctional institutions and members of law enforcement.


I had never thought about a prison or correctional facility needing security against cell phone use. I always think the only phone use is people sitting on opposite sides of the glass speaking into the types of phones you used to see at a pay phone. However, most of my crime knowledge comes from watching Law & Order reruns on Saturday mornings, so I’m not the most knowledgeable source.


Apparently, cell phone use and the smuggling in of contraband cell phones is a big issue in the correctional systems. Cell phones are the new drug of choice to sneak into prisons. I had never thought of all the damage that could be done if an inmate (especially a violent one) had access to a cell phone, let alone what damage could be done if they could access a wireless network.


Securus Technologies specializes in preventing and detecting the correctional institutions. For example, the company has software called Cell Defender that can seek out contraband mobile phones. Another technology the company has is called the Wireless Containment Solution. This technology is designed to prohibit phones from accessing unwarranted wireless networks. Securus also has a technology that monitors phone calls. Many of the testimonials referred to the benefits of monitoring phone calls. Overall, while I had never thought about this type of technology, it put me at peace that Securus Technology has.