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Will Luiz Carlos Trabuco Be Appointed The Next Chairman Of Bradesco?

Who is Luiz Carlos Trabuco and why does he attract a lot of interest in the Brazil’s banking industry? Well, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is an accomplished executive who is the chief executive officer (CEO) of the second largest bank in Brazil, Bradesco. He became the CEO of the company in 2009. Surprisingly, over his career spanning over 48 years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has worked for one organization: Bradesco.

Before he took over as the overall head of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was in charge of Bradesco Seguros; an insurance firm owned by Bradesco. As the president of Bradesco Seguros, he was tasked with managing eight companies including Capitalização, Bradesco Saúde, and Bradesco Vida e Previdência among others. Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s exceptional performance at Bradesco Seguros is still a subject of discussion to date. The executive managed to steer the insurance firm to realize a twofold growth. As if that was inadequate, he established structures that saw the firm’s revenues channeled to its parent company increase by 10 percent, up from 25 percent.

Pundits speculate that Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s performance at Bradesco Seguros informed his appointment as the CEO of Bradesco. He took over the company when Banco Itaú and Unibanco had just merged to create Itaú Unibanco. The resultant Itaú Unibanco emerged as the largest private bank in Brazil consequently pushing Bradesco to the second place.

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Many people asked themselves the question, “Will Luiz Carlos Trabuco work round the clock to push Bradesco to the first place?” The truth is the CEO of Bradesco is a shrewd market analyst, and he realized at that time that Bradesco needed to carve a niche for itself as the leading bank in Brazil in terms of quality service delivery to clients in all the municipalities that the bank operates. He firmly stated that the run to the first place was not his or Bradesco’s agenda.

Contrary to the expectations of many Luiz Carlos Trabuco went ahead to improve Bradesco in different ways. He initiated the creation Unibrad Corporate University to challenge leaders and the company’s employees to reach the apex of their personal performance as well as aspire to achieve Bradesco’s goals. He also saw it fit to re-energize the company’s leadership by bringing in professionals from other banks or related institutions.

Fast-forward six years later after he became the CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco announced that with the approval of Lázaro Brandão, Chairman of the Board, Bradesco would acquire the Brazilian branch of HSBC for $5.2 billion. The largest transaction in Brazil in 2015. The one-time acquisition, according to Luiz Carlos Trabuco, was equivalent to six years of organic growth. Definitely, it was not Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s intention to ignite competition with Itaú Unibanco. But in case of a smooth acquisition, Banco de Deus bank in Osasco would be ahead of Itaú Unibanco in three areas: branch network, number of active accounts, and overall investment funds. However, Itaú Unibanco would maintain the lead in three other areas: assets, deposits from account holders, and loans advanced to borrowers. Although Itaú Unibanco would keep the edge in the mentioned areas, Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s led Bradesco would be close to it.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s style of leadership is unique and has been widely recognized for it. Last year, he was named by Forbes one of the “Best CEOs in Brazil.” His role of overseeing the largest transaction in Brazil in 2015 earned him the title of the “Entrepreneur of the Year” in the finance category. He is also the winner of the Don Quixote Trophy among other several titles. Many people see Luiz Carlos Trabuco as a capable leader to replace Lázaro Brandão when he retires.

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Knockout Options through the Eyes of Jeremy Goldstein

A popular business lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein is also an expert when it comes to legal matters. Recently, he talked of how employers can benefit from knockout options. Many corporations have nowadays stopped giving stock options to their employees. Although the reasons for this move are more complex, some of these corporations did this so as to save money. There are three major reasons which cause firms to cut back on these benefits, they include; a significant drop in stock value making it almost impossible for the employees in implementing their options. Many employees end up getting wary of this compensation method since options results can sometimes lead to accounting burdens.

When it comes to knockout options, they are mostly preferred to better insurance cover, equities as well as additional wages. Since stock options provide something of equal value to each employee, they are very simple to be understood by the employees. The personal earnings of an employee are boosted when the corporation share value rises. Through this, employees are motivated to work hard and the company’s success becomes a priority. The employees start working extra hard to attract the right customers, create innovative services as well as to satisfy the existing customers.

Certain rules of Internal Revenue Service normally make it hard for companies to provide their employees with equities after they create compensation packages for all top executives. Companies are likely to face huge tax burdens if they provide shares other than options. Jeremy Goldstein says that there are better strategies that a company can adopt if it wishes to give options to its staff and acquire the above benefits. Employers can embrace a barrier option which is known as knockout which is the best solution. These forms of stock options have similar time limits and vesting requirements like their conventional counterparts. In case the share value drops below a certain level, employees get to lose them.

Jeremy Goldstein has practiced business law for almost 15 years which makes him very experienced and skilled in that profession. An established attorney, Jeremy started a law firm which is based in New York. Prior to these, he served as a partner in a firm similar to that for a very long time. Jeremy Goldstein has in the past been involved in top firms such as AT&T, Duke Energy, Merck, Bank One, and Verizon Chevron. He serves as a role model to those individuals willing to join his line of work.


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How Bob Reina Brought Talk Fusion to Life

Talk Fusion has been an industry juggernaut within the video marketing and communication solutions crowd for a long time. In fact, you could almost credit Talk Fusion with bringing the field to life. The company was established by CEO Bob Reina back in 2007. Reina had properly forecast the notion that video marketing would become absolutely imperative over the following years. Nowadays a company cannot succeed without some level of digital, video marketing on their side. Let’s take a closer look at how Bob Reina came to start such an illustrious company in order to illuminate his path for other potential entrepreneurs. Learn more:


Bob Reina’s Early Mission
Talk Fusion was all about opportunity for both Bob Reina and his potential customers. Reina had been working as a police officer when he first met the concept of network marketing. While the idea didn’t take hold immediately he definitely felt inspired by the idea of taking control of his finances, becoming his own boss, and innovating without having a timesheet co keep track of. In short, Reina saw that there was potential to control his financial destiny and he wanted to make sure that he followed it.

Reina would eventually come up with the idea for Talk Fusion’s first program, Video Email, when he realized that a program like that wasn’t in existence. Reina created his first concept out of personal need and that would be the kind of thing necessary to create passion and drive for the company as a whole. By the time that Reina was ready to launch Talk Fusion in 2007, he was passionate about his products and everyone was already beginning to know about them.

Of course, Talk Fusion wasn’t a game-changer over night. In order for a company like Talk Fusion to succeed in the long run there is a definite need to constantly be pushing. Reina says, “Once I’ve seen the potential of a product or an opportunity, there’s not much that can deter me.” Reina’s used this dogged motivation to great success as Talk Fusion celebrated one of their best years ever back in 2016.

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End Citizens United: Hoping For Change

The people of the United States are having some issues with the transparency of their elections. They are doubtful about how the election really works, and has made counter protests to return the power to their hands. The leading voice of this protest is End Citizens United, a political organization founded in 2015 to act as a counter to Citizens United, which is another political group created decades ago. End Citizens United is calling all Americans who believe in their cause to join their battle is resurrecting the transparent American elections, away from the influence of those who are on the top of the social pyramid in the United States.

One of the reasons why End Citizens United wanted to see some changes in the elections in the United States is because they believe that the elections are rigged. Back in 2010, their counter group, Citizens United, took a case against the Federal Electoral Council to the United States Supreme Court. Citizens United have stated that the Federal Electoral Council is doing an unconstitutional decision by not allowing private corporations to support the candidate that they wanted. The United States Supreme Court agrees with what Citizens United claimed, and formulated a decision that would allow private companies to openly support their candidates.

This decision infuriated a huge number of American people, claiming that the freedom given to private companies will soon be abused. End Citizens United wishes to challenge the validity of the decision made by the United States Supreme Court. According to them, because of the power that the United States Supreme Court has vested upon private individuals and corporations, the election is now prone to manipulation and influence. They are stating that these individuals would use all their money and power to influence the elections, and will make the candidate of their choice to win. They wanted to put an end to this decision, and End Citizens United has protested every now and then for their voices to be heard. The group is gaining support from the American public, and they even managed to raise an amount totaling to $4 million. They will be using the fund that they are receiving from their donors to influence the next elections in the United States.

According to End Citizens United, the long journey to change can be achieved by fighting together as one. They are calling all of the members of the group to donate so that they can have a lot of funds once the election season begins. According to experts, with the rate of financial accumulation that End Citizens United is experiencing, the group might be able to raise more than $32 million in the coming months, just in time for another United States elections.

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Protect Your Personal Cyber Security with Rubica Inc.

In a world where everything has gone digital, the safety of each online user should be a point of concern. Nowadays, the level of cybercrimes has skyrocketed to alarmingly high rates, an act that has called upon the inception of more stringent measures to curb this vice.

Cybercrimes are illegal acts conducted by online users against other users. These crimes can be in the form of extortion, bullying, intimidation, and fraud (TechNewsSpy). Your personal cyber security should be your ultimate task if you plan to stay safe while browsing the internet. Cybersecurity is a term used to describe the measures undertaken to protect oneself from cybercrimes.

The Importance of Cybersecurity

The increasing number of threats associated with cybercrime has led to the loss an increased number of threats not only to individuals but also to companies and government institutions. The importance of cybersecurity, in this case, is the fact that it reduces these number of threats by playing a significant role in tracing the culprits.

According to a report released by PwC, a total of 59% of respondents who are from the GSISS indicate that more organizations are going digital and allocating more funds to the security systems in their cyberspace.

Another importance of cybersecurity is based on the fact that it reduces the severity of the attacks which have become more destructive. With cyber security, it will be easy for government institutions and companies to layout the perfect methods to reduce the severity of these attacks. A prime example can be seen in the fact that the Obama and the Trump administration proposed rules and regulations that would improve cyber security in the country.

The personal cyber security state of an individual using the internet is a priority not only to the user but to those around him/her. If you are looking for the best and most recommended platform that guarantees your personal cyber security, look no further than Rubica. Rubica is a company that offers you the ultimate protection for your personal data. Rubica understands the privacy that comes with your personal cyber security and that is why it employs a sophisticated cyber security team staffed with experts from the US Navy, Scotland Yard, and NSA

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An Interesting Overview of Osteo Relief Institute Unique Osteoarthritis Services

Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that is very common. Commonly initialized as OA, it’s a disease affecting the joints. It mostly affects women, and it affects the cartilage. Over time, the cartilage will eventually wear out, and there will be friction between bones which causes swelling and pain.

The sad bit is that it’s incurable and it requires the affected to know how to take care of their body to reduce the effect. A comprehensive routine of activities helps reduce the pain and the swelling. Exercising is important. Find activities that assist in building the joint muscles. However, avoid those that strain the joints like running.

Come up with a schedule of simple, helpful habits to help in the condition. It’s advisable to ensure that you don’t sit in one particular place for long. Ensure you stand and stretch to avoid joint stiffness. Lastly, you could talk to a therapist who will advise on different ways of relieving pain.

One particular healthcare facility that has qualified physicians is Osteo Relief Institute. Their primary focus is identifying ways on avoiding surgery at all costs. This is why their high level of technology has pushed them to come up with solutions that are safe.

Osteo Relief Institute has different centers which have physicians who are board certified. Their technology which is cleared by FDA is geared towards longer lasting solutions for pain relief.

What is amazing is that Osteo Relief Institute’s goals are treating patients without subjecting them to surgery. Their aim is providing effective services and treatment in less time when compared to surgery. They have affordable services which aim to ensure that you as the patient, are able to able to move with ease.

Before treatment, the health experts at Osteo Relief Institute first analyze the patient to determine their background to get a clearer picture on how the issue started and know how well to treat them. Each treatment is unique to each patient because they consider the age and if there were any prior injuries (WeeklyOpinion).

Osteo Relief Institute offers a unique type of approach to Osteoarthritis, and they have been able to perform successful procedures that have worked for different clients.

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Eli Gershkovitch Beer Brewing Old Experience

In the current market, you can now find many different beers, each with different tastes and flavors. With all the flavors and tastes available, choosing the best beer to drink can be a confusing, but with the following guide, you will get it easy for you.


This beer is brewed from malted barley of high quality. It is made using a warm-fermentation with the amount of yeast. This process produces the most beers taken in the world. Ales drinks have different tastes and are brewed differently from each other. The level of alcohol content in each beer also varies. For those of you who love different flavors, Ale beers come with all types of sweet and nice fruity flavors (GazetteDay). The most popular ones include strawberry, orange, and apple flavors. The brewers Ale are very creative at all levels. This is the only type of beer that comes with all kinds of tastes.


Lager is a beer that is fermented and made under low, moderate temperatures. Lagers represent most alcoholic drinks and beer in the world. Lager beers have an aroma with new-mown hay that most people like.

Eli Gershkovitch

Eli Gershkovitch is known as one of the main contributors to the development and innovation in the beer production industry. He is also known for recent Open Beer Championship; Eli Gershkovitch put Canadian artisanal beer on the map. He is known for first beers in the historic Gastown neighborhood since 1995 when craft beer was not in the minds of most people.

When Eli Gershkovitch opened a pub in Gastown in 1995, it was Canada’s only industry that includes steaming beer. Most people had not started this type of industry because of many reasons. The main reason was long processes of getting legal rights to start and run the business. Starting and establishing this business was a great success that Eli Gershkovitch.

After the establishment, brewpub became the only place where people could meet and take a beer. Within no time, the market grew to allow Eli Gershkovitch to expand it with several other local businesses in the region.


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Mark J. Holterman, Medical And Treatment Of Common Autoimmune Disorders

Mark J. Holterman, MD, is a honing pediatric surgeon and medicine professor. In approximately, three decades in the industry, Dr. Mark has had the chance to research several fields of medical research including regenerative therapies, stem cell, autoimmunity, obesity and autoimmune diseases.

An autoimmune disease takes place when the body of a person misinterprets its cells as foreign and starts attacking them in a similar way it does with cancerous cells. There exist various kinds of autoimmune diseases, and they may be hard to diagnose due to symptoms’ similarity. Following are the three familiar autoimmune diseases:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) – The chronic inflammatory disease can affect people of various ages, causing the immune system to attack and also debilitate the hand joints. Even though the autoimmune diseases have no cure, patients with RA can get relief with steroids, NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and biologic response modifiers. Doing physical therapies assist in keeping joints supple whereby surgeries like joint fusion and tendon repair enable renewed usability.
  • Psoriasis – This infection causes changes in the skin cells life cycle, and overproduction of such cells prompts dry, irritated, and painful “scales” on the skin surface. Topical corticosteroids can be utilized in treating psoriasis mild forms, along with salicylic acid and calcineurin inhibitors. Some of the patients have also benefited from light therapy treatments which they have found effective.
  • Hashimoto’s disease – It affects thyroid which is the endocrine system part that generates crucial hormones. Also referred as chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, this disease leads to hypothyroidism and can turn out to several of symptoms such as memory lapses, hair loss, brittle nails, and fatigue. Patients normally need synthetic hormones which resemble the body’s natural reserves. The body hormone levels are then closely monitored since an overabundance may cause serious challenges.

Addition to the various learning practices, the APSA 2017 Annual Meeting will incorporate fun networking occasions, for example, banquets and receptions. The occasion will likewise include a showcase hall where the modern medical technologies, services, and products will be exhibited. APSA invites to the occasion qualified experts from the pediatric surgery field, such as Dr. Mark Holterman including its over 1,200 members (LinkedIn).


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Glen Wakeman Provides For the Business Needs of Entrepreneurs in Their Early Stages

When people hear the term entrepreneur, they often see images of successful business owners that are living with all of the respect that they have worked for. The only thing is that this is at a late stage in the person’s career that they are looking at. A lot of people do not think about all of the planning and the work that goes into getting to that stage of success. As a matter of fact, many attempts at success as an entrepreneur fail. One of the reasons behind this is that people need a little bit of help in various stages of the career.


This is where Glen Wakeman comes in (ReporterExpert). Glen Wakeman is the co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, a software developer that provides solutions for entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey. He is there to help entrepreneurs with various aspects of their business. Given that he has walked the journey as an entrepreneur, he has been able to provide people with the advice they need based on his experience. He is able to help entrepreneurs come up with a plan for merchandising, budgeting, equipment, establishment, and marketing. With LaunchPad Holdings, he is able to help his clients succeed at the shortest possible time.

Glen Wakeman is aware of all of the developments and trends that are related to business development and marketing. He is also a man with many ideas. One of the ways he brings these ideas to life is by explaining them to different people. With explaining the idea, he gets a chance to look at the idea and see where there can be any improvement ( He can also gain insight from others that can help him identify weaknesses in his ideas so that he can bring forth the best version of his ideas for business.

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Securus Works Towards Crime Prevention

I believe that Securus is a company that is raising the bar when it comes to crime prevention inside of prisons. It has taken a long time for the Department of Corrections to get things on track, but it has become much easier for people to communicate with inmates inside of the prison.


It is also easier for the prison system to monitor crime activity and prevent a lot of crime with technology that was created by Securus. This has become a company that is well-known for the type of innovations that have been made in improving crime prevention software.


Securus is that company that has managed to make some great strides in trading software that is designed for checking into fraternization issues. Investigators can definitely use the analysis software that monitors video activity and actually provides a better feel for what is going on inside of the prison system.


I think that investigators are going to benefit from this because a lot of things happen inside the prison on a regular basis. There are a variety of things like stabbings and other criminal activities that are going on because these inmates do not have anything to really live for. They are already locked up and they feel that they cannot receive any other punishment because they are already being punished. That is why it needs to be more software like the analysis software by Securus inside the prison system.


This company is definitely going to be able to help many people that have been looking for a way to cut down on crime if they are part of the administrative prison staff. This can be something that helps administrators inside of the Department of Corrections gain back control of their prisons. I commend Securus for making this analysis software.