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Why AHBE’s Bruce Levenson Is Picking off AIG by Law

Bruce Levenson is a Bachelor of Arts graduate from Washington University, St. Louis and holds a JD from American University. He has made a name for himself as a successful businessman. He has founded many successful companies. He is also a director and managing partner to a number of other companies. Some of the companies affiliated with Bruce Levenson’s name include United Communications Group (UCG), which he co-founded in 1977, Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Mr. Levenson serves as the director of TechTarget, Inc., a position he has occupied since early 2015. He also sits on the board of Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association.

According to ESPN’s report, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment (AHBE), LLC the group which filed the case, the insurance company in question breached contractual obligations and also acted in bad faith. The suit was filed in Fulton County’s Superior Court in September of last year.

The insurance Company is registered in New Hampshire and goes by the name, AIG. This suit, however, has nothing to do with the current Atlanta Hawks owners. It is a legal matter strictly between the New Hampshire-based insurance company, AIG, and the former Atlanta hawks owners with regard to Danny Ferry, the former general manager. The complaint raised by Ferry is that the insurance company refused to honor his claim. Barnes & Thornburg LLP is the law firm representing AHBE. They have filed additional claims for compensation.

In 2015, the then owners of NBA outfit, Atlanta Hawks, a group named AHBE, with controlling partners Bruce Levenson and Michael Gearon Jr., and other club investors sold it for $850M to Ressler Group.

In Washington, he is the current president of the philanthropic ‘I Have a Dream Foundation.’ According to PR Newswire, the foundation works to help young dreamers in more than sixteen cities across the US and the oceanic country of New Zealand.

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Dubai is known to be the hub of modern architecture. This can be attributed to the likes of brilliant real estate titans such as one Mr. Hussain Sajwani. He is the founder of DAMAC properties that offers expertise in engineering, construction, architecture and assets. Established in 2002, the company has expanded from Dubai to North Africa, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Sajwani did not begin his journey to becoming a billionaire as a realtor. In 1980, he got into the food business; offering catering services to workers in the energy sector in Abu Dhabi. Being a vibrant entrepreneur, he thrived in the firm.

When the first war of Iraq commenced in 1991, Hussain Sajwani offered food service to the United States Army. This gave him an opportunity to make friends of high ranking. In fact, he credits his expertise in cultivating great friends to the food business. The food company exists to date under DAMAC Holdings.

In 2002, Mr. Sajwani’s knack for business made him realize that real estate was the future. It is then that he established DAMAC properties. Mr. Sajwani had previously developed some mid-market hotels in Deira in line with his food business. However, when he began developing resources under his firm, DAMAC properties, they were a far cry from anything he had done before. Not only did they produce top of the range properties, but they went all out and flair on the marketing strategy. At one point, DAMAC Properties was giving a free Bentley for every luxury apartment purchased.

Hussain Sajwani happens to be a great friend to President Trump. They even celebrated New Year’s Eve together at Mar-a-Lago. Their friendship goes way before he became president as they had collaborated on various businesses including the Trump International Golf Course projects. Mr. Sajwani says that their friendship surpasses the cold business relationship and this was reinforced at the New year’s celebrations when President Trump referred to Mr. Sajwani’s family as a most “beautiful people.”

DAMAC Properties recently gave a donation totaling to AED Two million in a campaign to clothe a million deprived children around the word. While handing over the cheque, Mr. Sajwani highlighted the importance of providing a most conducive environment for every child around the world.



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U.S. Money Reserve Provides Long Term Wealth Options


The U.S. Money Reserve is a globally trusted source for precious metals commodities. Since 2001 it has provided the largest private distribution of international government issued precious metals and other legal tender financial products. A booming number of clients spanning the country depend on U.S. Money Reserve for the diversification of assets. Purchase of physical precious metals, primarily in the form of U.S. gold and silver coins, is becoming the go-to tactic for investors looking for long-term financial stability.


This company is known for its professionalism and knowledge. All staff have had years of experience and coin research. They are true numismatic professionals able to provide unique insights due to their market knowledge. Many customers new to the precious metals market will find this reassuring. The U.S. Money Reserve excels far above the industry standard in customer service, and the result is apparent within the industry. U.S. Money Reserve have established a long term relationship with all of their customers. This is important.


The market will continue to expand and diversification will become more of a priority.

Diversification is paramount when thinking of ways to protect and build options for long term wealth. This is no coincidence that long term investors are drawn to the precious metals market. Precious metal investment is a compelling way to shore up funds retirement and even education. Physical gold and silver tend to do well over a long period of time. In the event of financial crisis, these products can help you create a strategically diversified and lucrative portfolio.


Gold usually moves in a different direction than U.S. stock prices. This is why holding physical gold and silver via a Self Directed Precious Metals IRA is a great idea. While stocks are often volatile and unpredictable, physical commodities have historically stood the test of time. Many customers investing in a retirement portfolio in the 1970s, for example, have doubled is not tripled their assets. Unlike the more traditional assets available on the money market, physical gold and silver will help you increase the odds of weathering volatile markets.


The U.S. money reserve is committed not only to providing the best precious metal investment options, but provide live and competitive information on gold and silver pricing. The U.S. Money Reserve also makes PCGS certified products available for purchase. Truly, this is a one stop shop of all precious metals commodities in addition to being an educational hub for investors looking to keep up with their wealth through the years.

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Entrepreneur And Philanthropist Vijay Eswaran Of The QI Group Continues His Impressive Rise

In 1998, Vijay Eswaran brought his dream of a new direct sales company to fruition with the creation of the QI Group located in Hong Kong; the company has become a major success in Asia and across the world for Eswaran and his partners who are looking to use their wealth and position to create a better world for all. Vijay Eswaran was already a well known business leader on YouTube from his time working with IBM in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia before he became a well known business leader and philanthropist in his native Malaysia and other areas of the world.

One of the great successes enjoyed by Vijay Eswaran and the QI Group has been the establishment and continued success of the RHYTHM Foundation that is the main source of philanthropic work for the direct sales company. Eswaran has looked to bring about a great level of change in his own name and that of the QI Group that has been the focal point of his work to empower women and improve the educational opportunities of people around the world; the main areas of concern for Eswaran and his colleagues at the QI Group have been special education and mentoring young people to find success in the future.

Read more: V Managing Partner and Founder Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran

The work of Vijay Eswaran with the QI Group has pushed Vijay Eswaran to become one of the best known business leaders in Asia, which has in turn led to both he and his company increasing their profile on around the world. Among the major companies and groups the QI Group has joined with in partnerships are Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and the former English Premier League soccer champions Manchester City F.C. The global advance of the Q.I. Group across areas of Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, and India has made Vijay Eswaran one of the world’s most sought after speakers on economic, business, and motivational matters; the former student of the London School of Economics has even spoken at the World Economic Forum to discuss his own work and beliefs on various subjects.

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The Success of Dick DeVos

An individual that has shown true excellence within the world of business and has been able to inspire countless individuals to not only pursue business, but to also better themselves in order to be great within the industry is Dick DeVos, a man with a famous last name as well as the drive to achieve great things. Dick DeVos has dedicated over four decades to business and has continued to learn throughout his experiences and has gained much knowledge that continues to be appreciated by not only newcomers in the business industry, but also by veterans of the industry that have decades of experience.


Despite the prominent family name that Dick DeVos possesses, Dick DeVos has been able to make a name for himself as an innovator as well as a hard worker. Ever since Dick DeVos officially joined the family business right after college, Dick DeVos has set out to inspire his peers and to add his own piece to the family business of Amway Corporation. As a result, Dick DeVos has grown the family legacy of the DeVos family and has made sure that the name will continue to grow throughout history. Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, the founder of the family business as well as a proud father who has watched his son bloom into one of the most inspirational and sought after individuals in the world of business.


Dick DeVos has followed his father’s footsteps in numerous ways. One way in particular that stands out to the rest is the generosity that Dick DeVos also has and his ability to help others that are in need. As an individual with an excess amount of money, Dick DeVos believes that this money should be given back to the community and should be used for greatness by others. Dick DeVos believes in charity at the local level and believes that helping one individual will translate into millions through the multiplier.


Dick DeVos is inspired by education. As an individual who worked hard to learn from his academics, Dick DeVos has come to believe that an education is what makes the world great and prosperous. With this in mind, Dick DeVos is also a believer in an education that is purely based upon merit. As a hard worker, Dick DeVos believes that an education should be based around hard work as well as passion rather than the amount a family can pay.


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Information and Background on Brian Bonar of San Diego

Brian Bonar is a professional financial expert and investor specializing in start-up companies. He is currently the President and CEO of Trucept and Dalrada Financial Services. He founded Trucept in 2011 as a temporary staffing and insurance agency for both employees and employers.

His work in this field has enabled potential employees to find the perfect fit to their careers. Likewise, employers have utilized Trucept to their advantage to find qualified managers and workers with whom they can collaborate.

Brian Bonar’s other company, Delrada, provides superior financial services for both businesses and private clients. Delrada was founded back in 1999 and has since grown to be one of the most profitable financial agencies in California. Due to its success, Brian Bonar has employed dozens of trained and licensed professionals to work under his wing.

This has provided greater customer satisfaction to those utilizing these financial services. Brian Bonar has continued to expand his companies to provide better customer support to individuals and business owners alike.

Along with the companies he currently operates, Brian Bonar has been the owner of some successful firms in the past such as AMS Outsourcing, Allegiant Professional Business Services and Itec Imaging Technologies. His profound work has caught the attention of many well-known companies throughout his years of entrepreneurship.

Because he works in the greater San Diego area, he has been a prime source of financial assistance and investment opportunities for individuals looking for help with these opportunities in California. Brian Bonar realizes how difficult it can be for the average person to invest their hard-earned money and has created his companies as a result of this realization.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar totes an array of specialized skills to better suit the companies he has come to grow over time. Some of his skills and specialties include recruiting, private equity investments, marketing strategies, start-up management and employee relations. He has established hundreds of employees into brand new careers since his companies have been created. This has provided numerous individuals with successful and long-term careers in great companies they can trust.

Brian Bonar graduated from Stafford University in 1985 with a Masters degree in mechanical engineering. He also attended James Watt Technical College to further continue his education in the mechanical engineering field. His field of study has given him the skills and tools necessary to operate companies that provide similar services.

Brian is an excellent policy-oriented Chief Executive Officer who has fully realized a large number of businesses throughout his past to continually offer services that value customers over profit. He has exceptional marketing and sales strategies to better service each of his clients. Brian has worked with and owned a large number of companies over his lifetime and is a gifted individual with a myriad of admirable qualities.

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The Role of a UK Vintner in the British Wine Industry

A vintner or winemaker is important in the wine industry. The quality of wine hinges on the expertise of the wine maker. The players in this field believe that it is impossible to make great wine from a bad vineyard.

Unfortunately, you can also make bad wine from a good vineyard if you are not experienced. As such, the skills of a vintner comes in handy from the onset, since these professionals understand how to prepare and take care of the grapes. The bottom-line is that a lot of things can go wrong during the storage and fermentation process.

How to Buy Wine from a UK Winemaker

The process of buying wine from the UK vintners can be quite complicated for the uninitiated. On the other hand, a connoisseur can tell where the wine is from by taking a single sip. Choosing wine depends on your tastes and preferences. The wine comes in the sweet tart, caramel, and popcorn taste. If you are a newbie, it is critical to acquaint yourself with these tastes and choose your favorite variety. Fortunately, you can order your favorite wine online. The UK vintners have made it possible to purchase wine online by developing a couple of mobile-friendly websites.

  • Get membership at the cellar

Another way to get quality wine is to register for membership at your favorite cellar. Once you become a member of the wine cellar, you will get plenty of information about the wines from all over the world. Since you will also get the opportunity to taste them, identifying your favorite is quite easy. In addition to acquainting yourself with the various wines, you will also take advantage of the following insider tips:

  • Define your price range

Wine ages with time, and if you want to taste the oldest brands, you have to pay a fortune. Fortunately, many varieties suit your budget and tastes. By defining your price range from the start, you can order online at an affordable cost.

Find UK Vintners PLC on Facebook or LinkedIn.

  • Do not go for the most popular

The most popular brand does not always mean the best in the market. Just like any other brands, marketing can make a huge impact on the popularity of a product. If you want to enjoy the best wine from the UK vintners, choose your brand and stick with it. Sometimes, people are mesmerized by the labels and the trendy wine bottles. Remember that these fads are meant to increase the popularity of the brands and that you should not base your decisions on the packaging alone.

  • Age is just a number

While wine matures as the days go by, do not go for the oldest bottle in the cellar. The people who use this criterion do not identify the best brands. In addition, you should not choose your wine based on the price alone. If you decide to taste the cheapest wines, you will unearth a couple of favorites.

Buy wine from a UK Vintner online here.

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Bob Reina: He Understands People

It takes a truly special person out there to understand people, where they are coming from, and to relate to them. Bob Reina has always had tremendous people skills and that does not appear to be going away anytime in the near future. That is a big reason why Talk Fusion has had the success it has had. He knows people, understands them, as mentioned, and is there for them. He wants to help them out as much as they can in their lives. When Talk Fusion started in 2007, that was the major reason Bob Reina wanted to start it as the founder and CEO.


He looked around and what he saw was a lot of unhappy people. He saw a lot of people that were stuck in their lives, and they felt as though they had nowhere to turn and there was nothing they could do about it. They simply had to suck it up and deal with it. When Talk Fusion, the all-in-one video communications provider came along, it was like a new life for them. It was a new awakening. They had a product that was creative, innovative, exciting, and one of a kind. It was there for people that were looking to get more out of their lives.


Sometimes it might be hard to tell and sometimes it might be obvious, but when someone is unhappy, it shows up eventually. A lot of unhappiness comes from their work situation and their situation with money. They worry about their job and they worry about having enough money. With Talk Fusion, the only thing they have to worry about is focusing on a job they truly love and a job that truly enriches their life in ways they never could have possibly imagined. It has everything and more with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. It makes being a businessman or woman on the go very easy. It allows people to communicate with each other, express business ideas, and make sure they are on the same page in terms of the vision of where they see the company.


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CTRMA’s Solutions for Williamson County’s Traffic Situation

In the past, the Williamson Summit has paid more attention to the issues of Austin at the expense of Williamson County. This time around, there was a paradigm shift so to speak. The summit focused on how the advancement in technology is influencing transportation both globally and in Austin and her suburban communities.



The summit was graced by Mike Heiligenstein, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s executive director. Others present were Joseph Kopser, founder of RideScout LLC, Leandre Johns and Jared Ficklin of Texas External Affairs and ArgoDesign respectively. Heiligenstein was quick to point out that the region needed to develop its transportation capacity to keep up with the technological changes that are emerging. Areas like Williamson County, he said, needed smart mobility plans to address its population increase.



Ficklin, of ArgoDesign, said building and land use codesought to remain flexible notwithstanding policy makers plans to address transportation needs of the future. According to Ficklin, the present building codes did not, for instance, provide for a design in building to incorporate a parking garage 5 feet high with a charging station and a service station in the same facility.



Roads need to be considered urgently, according to Heiligenstein. He said that population growth in the region would reduce the transport improvements made to naught. This urgency for road improvement became apparent at the conference. By his estimation, Heiligenstein argued that there was need for construction of a twelve lane on highway 183 and Austin’s State highway 290. According to Uber’s John, the first and last mile needed a solution to enable people access the off pubic exit.



Mike Heiligenstein



He is Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s executive director. The authority is based in Austin Texas. This independent agency was established in 2002 and mandated to design a modern transportation network for Texas: Central Texas. Apart from Mike, the Mobility authority engages a few other professional staff. The authority relies on private sector engineers, who have specialized expertise in road construction, to assist in road projects.



Mike has worked with the authority from the beginning, overseeing the development of projects like 183A in the County. It’s one of first projects to move from the contemporary to a cashless revenue collection method. Recently, the authority under the leadership of Heiligenstein opened 290 Toll Expressway. The authority is also working on constructing lanes on MoPac. Together with the regional transport entities, the authority is studying six additional planned expressways all over Central Texas.



Heiligenstein also serves as President of International Bridge and Tunnel and Turnpike Association. He is on A&M Transportation Institute advisory board. Mike equally serves on other transportation related institutions. Prior to his current employment at the Mobility Authority, he was Williamson County’s public official for 23 years.

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Tracing Back The Origins Of Comparative Law

Comparative law involves the study of different legal systems that are found all over the world. It is referred as the study of differences and similarities that are found between laws of various countries. The establishment of comparative law came with significant benefits regarding democratization, economic globalization, and internationalism. People were interested, and they wanted to know more about this law and how they could apply it in their respective countries. The legal systems involved in Comparative Law include:

  • Chinese law
  • Hindu law
  • Canon law
  • Common law
  • Jewish law
  • Islamic law
  • Civil law
  • Socialist law.

The modern comparative law came into existence in the 18th century. It became very popular with legal scholars trying to understand it better within a short time. Montesquieu is the person who came up with the comparative law. Sir Henry became the founder of modern comparative law later on. The first ever university to teach comparative law as a unit subject was the University of Oxford in 1869. Sir Henry was well equipped on the subject. He took up the role of a professor in the University where he lectured on the Comparative law. The purpose of the Comparative law is to perfect the current legal systems, to offer contributions in judicial systems unification possibly, and to provide a precise and elaborate knowledge of the jurisdictions that are in place. Rudolf Schlesinger was a legal scholar. Rudolf was the first person to introduce a comparative law in the United States. He served as a professor in the institution and lectured on the subject of comparative law after Cornell law school had adopted the comparative law as a subject.

Sujit Choudhry is the Faculty Director and the Founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Sujit is known all over the world as a master of comparative constitutional law and comparative constitutional development. The Center for Constitutional Transitions is the first center based in a university in the world that is involved in mobilizing and offering knowledge when it comes to the building of constitutions. Sujit is a board editor at the Constitutional Court Review and the International Journal of Constitutional law. Sujit serves on the Executive Committee of the International Society of Public Law as a member. Sujit has published an estimated 70 reports and articles. He formerly worked at the World Bank Institute as a consultant. The South Asian Bar Association of Toronto named Sujit as the Practitioner of the Year in 2011.