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Innovativeness And Excellent Leadership Is The Definition Of Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is an innovative founder and excellent leader. Before his role as the CEO of Scoutahead, Raj Fernando was the CEO at Chopper Trading. He is also the founder of the two firms. Mr. Fernando has unmatched expertise in the field of international financial markets as well as Technological innovation. He has also involved actively in the organization of foreign policies. Currently, Mr. Fernando is on the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee and also on the Board of Directors of the American Security Project. This distinguished professional is also the Chief Executive Officer of the American Security Project. He is reputed for his expertise in cyber security which is a great asset to the national safety of the United States.

Scoutahead; the firm that Raj has founded is focused on providing a platform that enhances the involvement of employees in determining their evaluation criteria. It will also enable employees to ask for continuous feedback from their associates before their official review. This was after he realized that the traditional performance evaluation is no longer practical to many businesses. This is because Human Resource information systems have started adapting by moving yearly performance reviews online but they have not been planned to accommodate the non-stop feedback positively engaging their employees.

Mr. Fernando’s career began while he was still in college after applying as a volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. After graduation, Raj worked his way up from a very low position. After serving for several years on the Chicago Board of Trade, he left to establish his firm and called it Chopper Trading back in 2002. As the CEO of the powerhouse he designed, managed and effected some top-tier risk managements, trading, monitoring, communications as well as source code security structures in the financial business.

Raj has grown quite remarkably in experience complementing his talent and innovativeness. His focus and dedication are what has propelled him to his current position.For more information you must visit


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Securus Technology’s testimonials indicate a better service delivery

Securus Technologies recently published a document and placed it online. The document contains a list of various positive comments the company had received from its customers for the year 2015. The comments made were positive and directed to the correction and law enforcement product released by the firm. The products released by the enterprise have gone a long way in fighting crime and improving safety in multiple correction facilities. People that have highly profited from the product are those that handle investigation in correction facilities. They have benefited from the product as it has improved their investigations and helped them find evidence to convince criminals.


After releasing the comments documents, Securus CEO Richard A. Smith claimed that the company has gone a long way in helping fight crime. He believes that the products have improved communication inmate facilities too. The kind of positivity experienced by people that have used the product show how far Securus has gone to improve their service delivery. Today, Securus is one of the leading suppliers of detainee information management and inmate communication solutions. The company has served more than 2,400 correction facilities and hundreds of thousands of inmates across the United States. Securus has grown to be a leader in providing needs to correction facilities.


According to the comments released, investigators were highly impressed as the product has improved their investigation procedure. Investigator 4.0 is a product that allows recording of phone calls for later references. Apart from just recording phone calls, the product has improved the ability to track a particular voice. The product has found its application in tracing calls from inmates planning to commit crime. Such recordings and voice identification have led to multiple convictions since the product was introduced.

Securus Technologies remains continually committed to offering the best products in the market. The Texas-based company has continually stated that it plans always to improve its service delivery and create a better experience for its clients.

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Are You Going to The 2020 Lovaganza Celebrations?

Global citizens are invited to the Lovaganza Celebrations which will take place over the course of four months at various locations around the world, starting in June of 2020. The festival is set to take place under gorgeous antique replica circus tents. Underneath, festival goers will be confronted with an impressive array of entertainment. From films to paintings, all art will demonstrate an appreciation for diversity and cultural worldwide. Lovaganza is an entertainment franchise as well as a charitable organization that is seeking to raise money to better the lives of children across the globe.

One the main attractions at 2020 festivities will be the film trilogy, “Convoy.” The three-part film of Lovaganza is already in production and is being filmed simultaneously at three global locations. The film is about a hip motorcycling priest who must face a dark force called the “invisible hand” to save humanity. As if that isn’t enough, the festival will also feature a state of the art Immerscope theater. The Immerscope is pulling a fantastic entertainment idea from the past and combining it with today’s most impressive digital technology to create a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience. The films will be played on a 180-degree screen and be viewed with 3D glasses that will simulate a lifelike image.

The festival will also feature an opportunity for people to participate in an event called “Hands Across the World.” Festival goers will link hands simultaneously at all Lovaganza locations in honor of fighting global adversity. The creators hope that this act of unity in the presence of diverse art will generate a feeling of unity and bring awareness to issues such as poverty, hunger, war, lack of healthcare, and other injustices faced by people around the world.

The festival was originally set for 2015 but was pushed to 2020 to allow festival planners on enough time to make this a global festival of unheard of proportions. other exhibits will include a “walk around the earth.” The walk will be presented in the Lovaganza pavilions and will allow guests to literally walk through areas that portray different regions of the earth. Lovaganza planners have also hinted about the presence of several live performers and featured artwork. For those interested in the festival and any future updates, be sure to visit the Lovaganza website for frequent updates at

Lovaganza updates can also be found on their Facebook page. The Facebook is frequently updated and features snapshots of behind the scenes planning. Recently, they posted pictures of filming being done at the infamous Universal Studios. The festival also has a Twitter page. On Instagram, you can search for #Lovaganza, to find beautiful images of actors, behind the scene filming and set, and inspiration quotes.

While it is still almost four years away, there is no time too soon to start planning your trip to Lovaganza. For those looking for the ultimate bohemian experience, Lovaganza festival has it all. What better way to bring awareness to global adversities than through the use of art and culture?

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Nine Years of Success with Bob Reina and Talk Fusion

In some ways, nine years is a long time and in other ways, it is a short period of time. It is only one year away from a decade, which is always a milestone to say the least. The great thing about Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion, which is a video communications provider that can purchased on iTunes or the Google play store, is that it can really impact people and their way of living. Health and happiness are so vital. When someone is unhappy at their job or unhappy with their life, it can lead to serious health issues. That is nothing to take lightly. Stress is the silent killer as they say.


However, when people get their hands on Talk Fusion, they see that life can be lived a different way. They can throw away the suit and the tie and trade it in for their pajamas and their t-shirt to live in a way that is comfortable for them and suits their level of happiness. Everyone has their path and they need to find that. Talk Fusion aids in that process. Right now, they are offering thirty-day free trials for customers that might be on the fence about using it or a little unsure about the product.


However, this is one of those products that truly lives up to each and every ounce of hype. That is nothing phony about it. All of the success stories that are out there are real and that is because Bob Reina is real and he has really made this product into something special. However, if you were to ask Bob about it, he would give all of the credit to his IT team and the work that they do to make sure that the product runs as smoothly as it does. It works wonders.


Also, when you support Talk Fusion, not only are you helping yourself, you are also helping other people as Bob Reina is big on donations and charity. He has even passed this onto his employees, as he has encouraged them to give Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing.


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Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho Can Guide Your Business Through Legal Matters In Brazil

Whenever you do business on foreign soil, you have to know what all the laws are that pertain to finance and regulatory compliance. This especially holds true for people who have relocated to Brazil, or travel there frequently for business. Brazil has many similar financial laws to the US, Canada and Great Britain, but they have some different ones as well that you don’t want to overlook. Brazilian lawyers are people with knowledge on corporate and finance laws, and if you ever needed to file a lawsuit or protect yourself from being sued, it’s wise to hire a reputable Brazilian law firm to help you out.


 Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been practicing law for many years in Brazil and has helped clients wade through some of the toughest corporate cases there. Mr. Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho started out with just small cases at a small, inconspicuous office in Sao Paulo, but then moved up to one of the most famous law firms in Brazil. Later, Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho founded the law firm Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, partners who specialize in corporate finance and tough litigation matters. Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho founded the IBEDEP, and is a member of both the Brazil and International Bar Association.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s law firm has made a name for itself as experts in both environmental and white collar crime litigators, and recently they’ve helped prosecute some Swedish internationals who had been laundering money through legal loopholes. Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho also helped the construction of a dam in southern Brazil continue with his defense of the project and convincing a judge of its environmental safety. Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has mentored many young people who have gone on to became lawyers themselves, and he’s authored the book O Processo de Tiradentes.


For More Please Visit

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TOWN Residential Opens it Tenth Office in Three Years in the NYC Market

TOWN Residential was founded in Manhattan in 2010, and during the past six years, Andrew Heiberg has created a new standard of real estate excellence within the NYC industry. With thousands of real estate agents in NYC, TOWN Residential established a new and exciting brand of real estate for luxury property.


 TOWN is quickly rising to the top of the New York industry, now with 10 magnificent residential real estate offices. This most recent one is in the meatpacking district, which is the hottest neighborhood in NYC right now.


The number 10 is always a game-changer, and with this 10th property, Heiberg is taking over the entire second floor at 446 W. 14th St. TOWN Residential is making their excellence apparent to NYC. Luxury properties never go out of style and are rarely affected by the economy, so Heiberg arranged a 15-year lease for this prime property that sits in the center of a growing neighborhood of spectacular high-end condos and apartments.


The TOWN representatives have expert knowledge of the city, and they provide a high standard of customer service, which is a winning combination. Giving undivided attention to the client creates a relationship built on substantial values, and TOWN lives up to the superior standard of putting the customer first. Heiberg is experienced and qualified in real estate business, but it is his leadership qualities that have catapulted TOWN to the top of the industry.


This new office space is located at the entrance of High Line, which is the hottest area of real estate in NYC right now. With over 7,000 sq. ft., which is the entire second floor of the building, Heiberg will move one of his smaller offices from the West Village in as well as the boutique brokerage of Thomas & Ingram.


The owner of the building, Thor Equities. is one of Town’s parent investors. Thor and Heiberg have had an ongoing relationship for several years, and the fact that Thor is the landlord makes all the difference in Heiberg moving in and establishing the TOWN presence in this district. Heiberg obtained a 15-year lease on the space and is excited to have this strategically located property.


TOWN Residential has opened two other new luxury real estate offices in the recent months: one in Union Square and one in Greenwich Village. TOWN is accelerating in the luxury housing market, and they firmly anticipate remaining at the top.


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Owning a business can be very rewarding, but as many entrepreneurs are familiar with, it is also difficult. Overhead costs, regulations and expenses are just a few issues that an owner has to contend with, along with customer satisfaction. Making the consumer happy is one of the most crucial metrics to the success of any business, and with the abundance of online critiques available for various businesses, it can be difficult to uphold its integrity.

It is not uncommon for a person, for whatever reason, to attack a business without merit. They may have a personal vendetta or they may be competing with either the goods or services you provide within your community. Whatever the reason, it is advantageous to note that there are services available to help you should anyone formulate an unwarranted criticism of your business. can remove bad search results and offers a solution to this potential problem.

There are several other things a business owner should do when attacked unfairly:

Do not attack back

It is extremely challenging to disregard someone who has assaulted something you have put all of your time, money and effort into, but it is necessary. It is always smart to avoid confrontations with a person who has given you a bad review even if it is untrue because emotions can lead you to say something that could look to others reading it as being callous.

Double down on the success of your business

Assure your customers that your business is as strong as ever. Showing potential signs of defeat may scare off even the most loyal of consumers. Keep providing steady or even more reliable products/services to the patrons you serve. Offer them more value for the product/service you provide. For example, have a special promotion or sale to prove to your customers that you have their best interest in mind.

Be resilient

Know that it is impossible to please everyone all of the time. Stay focused on the reason you started your business and all the positives associated with that. You can also visit