Brown Agency Represents Clients Through Runways

In fashion, it is all about marketing the brand. It is all coupled with brand personalization. In order to sell a brand in fashion industry, an individual must invest in proper marketing. A modeling agency is the best strategy here. Models get to walk down the runway wearing the particular brand. Well, as the industry of fashion continues to expand, most agencies are coming up. If you are faced with the challenge of choosing the right agency to handle the brand, consider conducting research on the available agencies in your geographical area. For those who reside in Austin, Texas, Brown Agency is a leading talent developer.


Profile of Brown Agency


Brown was initiated by Justin Brown, a role model who started modeling as a teenager. What he started as a student has now flourished into a beneficial business. Brown develops young, talented individuals into mature, service deliverers. The full-service based modeling agency was established in 2015 and has been working with international brands. Initially known as Wilhelmina, Brown has grown raw talent into what most amateurs would want to be. As an industry leader, the agency has been handling projects on runways, commercial modeling and print works. Aside from that, the leaders have worked hard to create a trusted platform that can represent clients.


Branding done by Brown Agency


Branding is the key representation of a product. At Brown Agency, models have stellar reputation that continues to sell client’s brands. Brown Agency has established proper working relationships with Lorea’l, Toyota, Dell and Louis Vuitton among others. The agency has always exceeded client’s expectations by working extremely hard to achieve appropriate representation. Being a brand ambassador, Brown Agency carries the names of many brands with dignity and integrity.


Leadership in Brown Agency


As a leader, Justin Brown carries the mantle for Brown Agency. He has vast experience in modeling. When he was in college, he worked for skinny jeans. He perfected walks on the runway and coached several students. Presently, he leads by coaching the trainers and making decisions based on the desires of clients. Justin Brown understands the importance of being a good leader for brand ambassadors. The service agency continues to establish friendly client rapport, thanks to Justin.


Services offered by Brown Agency


Brown Agency has featured models in many shows. Some of the shows include New York Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and Dallas Fashion Week. In all these events, Justin Brown makes sure that models are groomed to meet client’s expectations. He is always available to offer top notch skills on how to represent a client. Brown Agency is an unmatched brand ambassador in many ways. For representation, all a client needs to do is explain by using portfolios what is needed. You can follow their Instagram page.