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The Great Impact that Lori Senecal Has Made In The Marketing Sector.

Lori Senecal is the chief executive officer of Global at the Bogusky and Crispin. She believes that her current prosperity got profoundly influenced by her early life. Being younger than her siblings Lori believes that the success of her siblings inspired her to achieve higher goals in her career and her life too. Although one may think that it was easy for her to fulfills her dreams, she underwent many challenges in her life.

Just after completing her undergraduate studies in Sales and Marketing, Senecal joined the world of the employment. In this sector, she would turn everything that came across her to be a success. Being talented with leading organizations and companies in a better way, Lori ensured that she would leave a film in a better state than she found it. According to Fast Company, Senecal’s commitment to bringing the best in companies and people has made her famous among the employers who would want to be the leader of their organizations.

Through her motivational skills, Lori launched the TAG Ideation in 2003; a marketing unit that is composed of young people. She is also well vast with knowledge in multinational account skills with considerable experience in data analytics. Some of the world’s famous companies that Lori have worked with include the Nestle, Weight Watcher’s, InBev, Molson, Applebee’s Staples, Xbox among many others. Lori Senecal has also worked as the Global Accountant Director in the Coca-Cola Company. From 2005 to 2008, Lori worked as the chief marketing officer of DDB Worldwide Communication Group Inc.

Since she is a market, this year, Lori gave her insights concerning the new trends in digital marketing. According to her, this year’s marketing trend will shift to creating videos and images that get distinguished in a crowded marketing platform. She believes that consumers will overlook the ordinary ads and focus on the unique ones. Some of the trends that digital marketing should focus on are using real people, targeting at the heart of the consumers, use of robust colors, getting rid of any irritation on the consumers, optimizing primarily for mobile, creating ads that delight and surprises the consumers and the use of influential ladies. View Lori’s profile on

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Lori Senecal Is Set To Leave CP+B In December

Lori Senecal will exit CP+B at the end of the year. The global chief executive officer of CP+B has served the company for one and a half years. She has announced that she will step down when her contract expires at the end of 2017. Lori joined the agency in March 2015. Notably, MDC Partners owns CP+B. More details can be found on Salary.

The executive leader joined the company from MDC Partners to fill the new position that was created specifically for her. Her tenure at the company was characterized by enhanced growth and profitability margins. The company widened its global operations, thus augmenting its bottom-line. When the new position was created, the former CEO of CP+B became the second-in-command in the corporation. It is not clear whether this position shall be retained after her exit. She recently spoke at the 3% conference that can be found on YouTube.

Speaking during the announcement of Lori’s future career at the company, Chuck Porter noted that the executive leader had demonstrated that she was the ideal candidate to turn around CP+B into a new global agency. Her leadership focused on ensuring that the company adopts flexibility and nimbleness to enable it to capture a larger market share. Porter is the co-founder and chairman of CP+B.

Senecal’s success at CP+B was unrivaled. One of her major accomplishments was getting into a contract with the American Airlines in October 2015. The inclusion of the airline in the company’s client list meant an end to a 25-year-old business relation between American Airlines and TM Advertising, the company that handled the airline’s marketing needs.

Porter noted that Lori had helped the company to set the right business structure. The two entrepreneurs are now working together to develop the next-generation of leaders, who will take over after Lori steps down. He noted that the process is delicate and needs loads of thoughtful and careful decisions. In addition, Porter referred to the executive leader as a good friend and partner.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is an American executive leader based in the New York City. Over the years, she has provided transformative leadership at CP+B and MDC Partners Network. Lori is an alumnus of McGill University where she pursued her bachelor of commerce degree. Previously, she worked for Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners as president and chairperson of the board.

In addition, Lori has worked for other companies, including KBS, McCann Erickson and McCann Worldgroup. One of her achievements at KBS was enhancing the company’s productivity. To this end, she increased the number of employees from 250 to 800. Lori is a recipient of the Quantum Leap Award. She also helped CP+B to be named “Creativity Innovators of the Year.” Visit LinkedIn to know more.

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