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Availing Property Reports Online to Curb Title Defects

Headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. (NTC) is a research and document processing company. The company recently availed its property reports online in response to the action calls laid against title defects. Title defects slow down property transfers, sales, and acquisitions. Critics argue that the errors are due to wrongful foreclosures. However, realtors are unaware whether the title defects contribute to asset transition in the market.


The Nationwide Title Clearing executives gave insights on how title defects affect the real estate sector. They said that property records lower the risks of incapability to foreclose and ease title conveyance. NTC is one of the research and document processing corporations in the US that offers an easy way of securing and managing property reports. The company usually updates clients on its latest initiatives via its website. Customers can also access their property reports from the firm’s website.


Causes of Title Defects


One of the main causes of title defects are claims made by people about ownership of property. As a property owner, if your report lacks the signature of an important person like your partner, it is likely to have title defects. Other causes include simple wording issues, failure to adhere to the filing rules, and failure to remove previous liens. John Hillman, who works with NTC as the chief executive officer, said that property owners should address the defects in time before selling or transferring their property.


List of Property Reports that NTC Availed Online


Hillman mentioned that NTC strives to offer property owners with a fast, efficient, and chronological process of safeguarding their property reports. He also mentioned that the corporation’s services rely on extensive research conducted by professionals. The research covers land records for all residential properties in the country. NTC availed tax status (plus) reports, tax status reports, and current owner reports.


About National Tile Clearing


NTC consists of professionals who use a brilliant approach when processing property reports. This approach enables the company to secure a spot on the list of top research and document processing corporations in the US. NTC’s professionals understand clients’ demands and use this information when customizing property reports. They can also track land records for more than 3000 jurisdictions in the US.


As a privately owned corporation, NTC’s clients include mortgage lenders, investors, and servicers. Eight of the leading mortgage providers in the US rely on NTC’s services. The company earns the loyalty of its clients since it strives for accuracy when conducting researches and for quality when processing documents.

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