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Are You Going to The 2020 Lovaganza Celebrations?

Global citizens are invited to the Lovaganza Celebrations which will take place over the course of four months at various locations around the world, starting in June of 2020. The festival is set to take place under gorgeous antique replica circus tents. Underneath, festival goers will be confronted with an impressive array of entertainment. From films to paintings, all art will demonstrate an appreciation for diversity and cultural worldwide. Lovaganza is an entertainment franchise as well as a charitable organization that is seeking to raise money to better the lives of children across the globe.

One the main attractions at 2020 festivities will be the film trilogy, “Convoy.” The three-part film of Lovaganza is already in production and is being filmed simultaneously at three global locations. The film is about a hip motorcycling priest who must face a dark force called the “invisible hand” to save humanity. As if that isn’t enough, the festival will also feature a state of the art Immerscope theater. The Immerscope is pulling a fantastic entertainment idea from the past and combining it with today’s most impressive digital technology to create a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience. The films will be played on a 180-degree screen and be viewed with 3D glasses that will simulate a lifelike image.

The festival will also feature an opportunity for people to participate in an event called “Hands Across the World.” Festival goers will link hands simultaneously at all Lovaganza locations in honor of fighting global adversity. The creators hope that this act of unity in the presence of diverse art will generate a feeling of unity and bring awareness to issues such as poverty, hunger, war, lack of healthcare, and other injustices faced by people around the world.

The festival was originally set for 2015 but was pushed to 2020 to allow festival planners on enough time to make this a global festival of unheard of proportions. other exhibits will include a “walk around the earth.” The walk will be presented in the Lovaganza pavilions and will allow guests to literally walk through areas that portray different regions of the earth. Lovaganza planners have also hinted about the presence of several live performers and featured artwork. For those interested in the festival and any future updates, be sure to visit the Lovaganza website for frequent updates at

Lovaganza updates can also be found on their Facebook page. The Facebook is frequently updated and features snapshots of behind the scenes planning. Recently, they posted pictures of filming being done at the infamous Universal Studios. The festival also has a Twitter page. On Instagram, you can search for #Lovaganza, to find beautiful images of actors, behind the scene filming and set, and inspiration quotes.

While it is still almost four years away, there is no time too soon to start planning your trip to Lovaganza. For those looking for the ultimate bohemian experience, Lovaganza festival has it all. What better way to bring awareness to global adversities than through the use of art and culture?