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Fabletics Is Offering Amazing Activewear Online

Fabletics is ultimately the new brand that is going to change the way industry works in the world of activewear. Fabletics is definitely one of the best brands out there because. The company has accomplished so much over the years and now they have millions of clients now looking for something new to wear constantly. The brand requires a monthly fee in exchange for access to some of the best designer clothing you won’t find anywhere else. These clothes are customized specifically to your liking in the world of activewear, so if you need a lot of new Yoga pants or clothing for your workouts, this is the way to do it. It makes your life so much easier to find everything that you need in one place.


When you’re a person always on the go, finding good activewear isn’t always that easy to do. There are several things you can do to get started on the right track to get all the activewear you have ever wanted in one place. Fabletics is going to open up a few more new stores very soon, and they are going to provide new opportunities for women to get the chance to get all the activewear that they want. Fabletics is changing the game and giving this new store the authenticity that it needs to create a professional atmosphere for their customers. Now you can try on their clothes in person and buy what you want later on online.


Fabletics is ultimately one of the best companies out there, and it definitely is going to take over Amazon in the world of activewear. Kate Hudson is a fellow businesswoman who helps operate this huge corporation. It is seemingly becoming the place to be for her. She is proud to work on designs and working with the right people. She does everything that she can as a very powerful woman in Hollywood to better get the brand out there. in fact, she works hard to do the marketing and advertising for the brand and even shot her own commercial for it.


Fabletics is a growing brand that will eventually reach the top in this industry. The company has gained so much success and notoriety over the past few years, and only time will tell before it becomes the company that all women on the go will go to when they need new activewear for the future workouts.

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Amazon Has Some Stiff Competition in Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

There are not too many companies that try to succeed in the fashion niche only because Amazon is commanding a huge chunk of that e-commerce space. That being said, even though Amazon owns 20% of the active-wear market online, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has made some serious gains in three years, surpassing over $250 million in sales in that short amount of time. If Hudson can keep Fabletics moving in that direction, she will perhaps give Amazon a real run for their money finally.


Asking Hudson what her company is doing different than all the other fashion e-commerce businesses that have failed over the years, she credits the success to reverse-showrooming and her unique membership structure. To see her business model in action, you only need go down to the mall to her retail stores and witness the difference in the shopping experience. Women who come into the store are encouraged to apply for a free membership and take the Lifestyle Quiz, but there is zero pressure to buy anything in the store. In fact, most women try on different pieces of active-wear but leave the store with nothing.


So how is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics making $250 million when women are leaving with nothing?


This is the key to the success of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. All those items that were tried on in the store are then moved to the website in the shopping cart for consideration at a later time. The genius in this process is most women will window-shop when they are in a hurry, and now they come back online and night when they can relax and look around at all the other styles. Since consumers already know what size flatters their shape, they can shop around and get exactly what will fit them perfectly. This encourages women to buy this athleisure brand without any shopping pressure.


Of course, there are a few other things that make this brand such a hot ticket today. All of the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics apparel is high-quality and ships for free to members. Each member who tool the Lifestyle Quiz will have their own personal shopper who is going to pick one item each month for the customer to consider. Love the item, you buy it, hate the item, shop for something else without any pressure. This has literally changes the way that woman can shop for active-wear and workout apparel online.