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How Securus Technologies is Changing the Lives of People

In correctional facilities, it is of the essence to ensure that the safety of the inmates, as well as that of the correctional officers, is guaranteed at all times. This can be achieved by installing security systems such as monitoring security cameras. In Dallas Texas, for instance, Securus Technologies is the entrusted company mandated with providing security and safety services to individuals working or incarcerated in correctional facilities.

Though Securus Technologies has been designed to provide monitoring services to correctional facilities, different people have used this technology to monitor their own households. With this in mind, various opinions have been aired by different people regarding the services offered by the company. According to the chairman and the acting Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technology Mr. Richard Smith, the company develops a new product or new service on a daily basis. This is done to ensure that every user who uses the technology has the latest products that guarantee them of their security and above the par services.

Just like a regular company, Securus Technologies receives a substantial amount of feedback from its clients. The company understands and values the feedback obtained from their clients. This can be attributed to the fact that without the clients, there can be no Securus Technologies.

Some of the feedback obtained from the clients portrays a large number of highly satisfied clients. Some attribute the arrest of corrupt officials, drug peddlers, and reporting of real data to Securus Technologies. Based on the comments and feedback obtained from the clients, it is evident that most of them are a happy lot.

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 with the aim of providing security by monitoring the activities of inmates. With more than three decades in the industry, Securus Technologies has invested more than $600 million in technology, acquisitions, and patents. Some of its most successful technological acquisition was a system that could control the sale or distribution of contraband cell phones.


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Securus Works Towards Crime Prevention

I believe that Securus is a company that is raising the bar when it comes to crime prevention inside of prisons. It has taken a long time for the Department of Corrections to get things on track, but it has become much easier for people to communicate with inmates inside of the prison.


It is also easier for the prison system to monitor crime activity and prevent a lot of crime with technology that was created by Securus. This has become a company that is well-known for the type of innovations that have been made in improving crime prevention software.


Securus is that company that has managed to make some great strides in trading software that is designed for checking into fraternization issues. Investigators can definitely use the analysis software that monitors video activity and actually provides a better feel for what is going on inside of the prison system.


I think that investigators are going to benefit from this because a lot of things happen inside the prison on a regular basis. There are a variety of things like stabbings and other criminal activities that are going on because these inmates do not have anything to really live for. They are already locked up and they feel that they cannot receive any other punishment because they are already being punished. That is why it needs to be more software like the analysis software by Securus inside the prison system.


This company is definitely going to be able to help many people that have been looking for a way to cut down on crime if they are part of the administrative prison staff. This can be something that helps administrators inside of the Department of Corrections gain back control of their prisons. I commend Securus for making this analysis software.

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Securus Technology’s testimonials indicate a better service delivery

Securus Technologies recently published a document and placed it online. The document contains a list of various positive comments the company had received from its customers for the year 2015. The comments made were positive and directed to the correction and law enforcement product released by the firm. The products released by the enterprise have gone a long way in fighting crime and improving safety in multiple correction facilities. People that have highly profited from the product are those that handle investigation in correction facilities. They have benefited from the product as it has improved their investigations and helped them find evidence to convince criminals.


After releasing the comments documents, Securus CEO Richard A. Smith claimed that the company has gone a long way in helping fight crime. He believes that the products have improved communication inmate facilities too. The kind of positivity experienced by people that have used the product show how far Securus has gone to improve their service delivery. Today, Securus is one of the leading suppliers of detainee information management and inmate communication solutions. The company has served more than 2,400 correction facilities and hundreds of thousands of inmates across the United States. Securus has grown to be a leader in providing needs to correction facilities.


According to the comments released, investigators were highly impressed as the product has improved their investigation procedure. Investigator 4.0 is a product that allows recording of phone calls for later references. Apart from just recording phone calls, the product has improved the ability to track a particular voice. The product has found its application in tracing calls from inmates planning to commit crime. Such recordings and voice identification have led to multiple convictions since the product was introduced.

Securus Technologies remains continually committed to offering the best products in the market. The Texas-based company has continually stated that it plans always to improve its service delivery and create a better experience for its clients.