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Squaw Valley Responds To Water Quality Issues Found At Its Resort

Squaw Valley Ski Resorts, located in Olympic Valley, California, has come out with a detailed statement regarding reports of water quality issues found at its resort. A recent report did indeed find that dangerous e-coli bacteria as well as other coliform bacteria were present at the water supply in the resort’s upper mountain area. This issue was promptly reported to the appropriate authorities including the Placer County Department of Environmental Health to ensure that all steps were taken to keep the public safe.

After reporting the dangerous bacteria in the water to the public health authorities, Squaw Valley Ski Resorts has taken all the measures it could to treat the contaminated water. Right now three of the four wells that supply water at the upper mountain have no e-coli bacteria present and show extremely low levels of coliform bacteria. This is a positive sign and shows that Squaw Valley Ski is doing all it can to treat its water in a timely manner.

Restaurants and other dining establishments at the upper mountain portion of the resort continue to be closed as the water supply is not yet fully clear of the bacteria yet. There is a ban on drinking from the water supplies on Weather at the upper mountain for now for skiers. Actual skiing continues to remain unaffected, with skiers allowed to ski from top to bottom as normal.

The cause of the e-coli and coliform bacteria outbreak was not due to negligence on behalf of Squaw Valley Ski Resorts. A heavy rainstorm flooded the water supply systems of the upper mountain and created a contamination. As soon as the problem was detected, the government authorities on in Place County was alerted and the public was told not to drink any of the water coming from the upper mountain water supplies.

Squaw Valley Ski has provided free bottled water for all skiers and guests lodged at its resorts at the upper mountain. It has hired outside experts to help determine the most effective solution for clearing up the contamination at its water supplies. Further updates will be given when the contamination has been fully cleared from the water supply at upper mountain.