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Doe Deere: A Woman On A Mission

Lime Crime cosmetics founder Doe Deere is a woman on a mission. Since founding the company in 2008, she has used innovative online marketing campaigns to make the world aware of her high-quality, smudge-resistant, easy to use make-up that is never tested on animals. Doe Deere started the cosmetics line while living in New York and performing with her rock & roll brand. These days she focuses strictly on expanding the range of quality products Lime Crime offers and making her customers happy. She has been able to do that by keeping the lines of communication open and remaining committed to quality.


The success of Lime Crime has led many people to see Doe Deere as an inspiration and a role model. It is a responsibility she takes very seriously. She spends a good deal of time speaking to women in person and online,e offering them guidance and encouragement, and helping them to see how they too can start their own companies. That work has made her more accessible to her customer base and helped them to more clearly see what’s possible when they apply themselves and attempt to make their dreams a reality. Doe Deere also continues to be honest and authentic in her mission to produce makeup in the loudest colors possible to allow people to release their inner colorful unicorn.


Born in Russia, Doe Deere has been involved in business since she was a youngster. She started by selling temporary tattoos at school. When her family moved to New York City when she was a teenager, she attended Fashion Institute of Technology to get the training, experience and connections to become the clothing designer and model she had long dreamed she could be. Years later after trying her hand at rock & roll, people encouraged her to market the innovative line of neon bright cosmetics she made by hand. That formed the foundation of Lime Crime cosmetics.


Now that she has achieved great success and has the attention of a growing number of women worldwide, Doe Deere is working hard to help them to understand that they too can make their dreams a reality if they are willing to work at it. Part of Doe Deere’s mission is to open doors for the female entrepreneurs that will be following in her footsteps. She’s offering her support so their road to success won’t be as difficult as hers.

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