End Citizens United: Hoping For Change

The people of the United States are having some issues with the transparency of their elections. They are doubtful about how the election really works, and has made counter protests to return the power to their hands. The leading voice of this protest is End Citizens United, a political organization founded in 2015 to act as a counter to Citizens United, which is another political group created decades ago. End Citizens United is calling all Americans who believe in their cause to join their battle is resurrecting the transparent American elections, away from the influence of those who are on the top of the social pyramid in the United States.

One of the reasons why End Citizens United wanted to see some changes in the elections in the United States is because they believe that the elections are rigged. Back in 2010, their counter group, Citizens United, took a case against the Federal Electoral Council to the United States Supreme Court. Citizens United have stated that the Federal Electoral Council is doing an unconstitutional decision by not allowing private corporations to support the candidate that they wanted. The United States Supreme Court agrees with what Citizens United claimed, and formulated a decision that would allow private companies to openly support their candidates.

This decision infuriated a huge number of American people, claiming that the freedom given to private companies will soon be abused. End Citizens United wishes to challenge the validity of the decision made by the United States Supreme Court. According to them, because of the power that the United States Supreme Court has vested upon private individuals and corporations, the election is now prone to manipulation and influence. They are stating that these individuals would use all their money and power to influence the elections, and will make the candidate of their choice to win. They wanted to put an end to this decision, and End Citizens United has protested every now and then for their voices to be heard. The group is gaining support from the American public, and they even managed to raise an amount totaling to $4 million. They will be using the fund that they are receiving from their donors to influence the next elections in the United States.

According to End Citizens United, the long journey to change can be achieved by fighting together as one. They are calling all of the members of the group to donate so that they can have a lot of funds once the election season begins. According to experts, with the rate of financial accumulation that End Citizens United is experiencing, the group might be able to raise more than $32 million in the coming months, just in time for another United States elections.

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