Innovativeness And Excellent Leadership Is The Definition Of Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is an innovative founder and excellent leader. Before his role as the CEO of Scoutahead, Raj Fernando was the CEO at Chopper Trading. He is also the founder of the two firms. Mr. Fernando has unmatched expertise in the field of international financial markets as well as Technological innovation. He has also involved actively in the organization of foreign policies. Currently, Mr. Fernando is on the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee and also on the Board of Directors of the American Security Project. This distinguished professional is also the Chief Executive Officer of the American Security Project. He is reputed for his expertise in cyber security which is a great asset to the national safety of the United States.

Scoutahead; the firm that Raj has founded is focused on providing a platform that enhances the involvement of employees in determining their evaluation criteria. It will also enable employees to ask for continuous feedback from their associates before their official review. This was after he realized that the traditional performance evaluation is no longer practical to many businesses. This is because Human Resource information systems have started adapting by moving yearly performance reviews online but they have not been planned to accommodate the non-stop feedback positively engaging their employees.

Mr. Fernando’s career began while he was still in college after applying as a volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. After graduation, Raj worked his way up from a very low position. After serving for several years on the Chicago Board of Trade, he left to establish his firm and called it Chopper Trading back in 2002. As the CEO of the powerhouse he designed, managed and effected some top-tier risk managements, trading, monitoring, communications as well as source code security structures in the financial business.

Raj has grown quite remarkably in experience complementing his talent and innovativeness. His focus and dedication are what has propelled him to his current position.For more information you must visit