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The Traveling Vineyard Explores The Wine Country In France And Helps You Become A Wine Guide

The primary country for producing wine is France since their climate and soil are just right for growing grapes. Wine is part of France’s culture and they have been producing wine for centuries. Each region produces a different type of wine. There are tours available in France that show you the popular vineyards and most offer wine tastings. Some of the small vintners have even established bed and breakfasts. The Traveling Vineyard has identified the best wine regions in France.

The Champagne region is close to Paris and rather unique. The most popular vineyards include Fallet Dart, Champagne Tribaut, and Champagne Aspasie. Some vineyards offer hors d’oeuvres and the champagnes are delectable. Other attractions in the area are the grave of Dom Perignon, the inventor of champagne, superb aperitifs and a delightful eco-museum.

Alsace is a picturesque stop on France’s wine route. There are glorious wine festivals in October and Pinot Noir and Riesling are produced here. You tour vineyards, learn about grapes and find amazing places to eat in town. Do not miss Burgundy where you will discover the Cote d’Or and Chablis. This area is well know for their white and red wines.

Bordeaux is filled with wines routes, wineries, experiences and restaurants. There are wine fairs and wine cruises for you to enjoy. Provence is an extremely large region that includes groves of olives, meadows of lavender and magnificent roses. Organic farming is a staple here and the reds are divine.

The Traveling Vineyard is an excellent way to become a wine guide. You are able to make money doing something you love. As a wine guide you will be trained on how to have a wine tasting and you will understand food and wine pairings. You will have the knowledge to explain the details of the Traveling Vineyard’s wines.

The Traveling Vineyard makes it easy to earn money just by hosting wine tastings. Your tastings will be free and you will offer five varieties of wine from the Traveling Vineyard. Every bottle your guests order earns you a commission. The Traveling Vineyard has roughly 21 wine varieties and a Success Kit with everything you need to begin.

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Duda Melzer and His Passion for the Family

Duda Melzer is also known by his full name of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer. A Brazilian media mogul, his family enterprise, and entrepreneurial expertise have gained international respect. Grupo RBS and e.Bricks Digital and Ventures are companies he’s the CEO of. Grupo RBS is a long time standing traditional media outlet, started by Duda’s grandfather many decades ago. The e.Bricks brand name was founded by Duda just a few years ago. This company focuses on digital media online. Duda’s vision for e.Bricks was to make Brazil a leader in online media. His vision has quickly become a reality.


Not only did Duda Melzer want to provide Grupo RBS with an outlet for its digital media projects, it also sought to help other companies get funded to do the same. By hand selecting companies that are worthy of funding, the company not only provides an invaluable service but makes a profit as well. Duda’s business acumen and education have paid off immensely in this undertaking. Duda is a graduate of both the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio do Sul in Brazil and Harvard University. His degrees are in business and have served him well. He also gained valuable work experience in the US working as a financial analyst and as a leader of BoxTop Media in New York City.


Aside from running family businesses, he enjoys spending time with his two children. He also does work with the family charity honoring his grandfather. The Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho Foundation aims to work with the government to help raise social awareness of issues affecting Brazil’s youth. The group has run many successful campaigns over the years. The most notable campaign is known as “Love is the Best Inheritance.” Not only does Duda Melzer make the business a priority, but he takes family and fellow countrymen into consideration as well.



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A Capital Management Team That Excels Above The Rest

It wouldn’t be fair to suggest that Madison Street Capital is the only standing firm of its kind. Yet, it is completely truthful to say that it sets the standards for agencies of its kind. Just imagine. Imagine an entire planet that’s now connected by data and information.


Nothing news-worthy happens without the entire world eventually finding out.


And we’re not suggesting that Madison Street Capital reputation is anything like a tabloid topic. Instead, MSC reaches the front pages of entities such as the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Washington Post and the likes. And what makes this all happen against the constantly present onset of competitors is the team MSC has.


This group of professionals can never be taken for granted or underestimated.


Let’s Take a Look At Them Now


The Madison Street Capital team consists of advisors, execs, account manages, project managers, an outstanding CEO and others in the financial industry stepping out to become a part of the success that this agency has. And it’s no surprise as to why. We’re not suggesting that MSC’s reputation is that profound.


We’re instead opening your eyes to why the best universities send their best alumni to Madison and encourage everyone with the right credentials to become a part of this greater agency. The agency’s team is therefore a long list of qualified people, enthusiasts and educated professionals that are unmatched.


This team is also recognized by those in finance and as an entity that never sleeps but instead works around the clock.


Here Is What Investment Banks Like This Do


But what is the specific work of the agency? Answering that is easy and yet more complicated than it will seem at first. Madison is an investment bank. It takes the holdings of businesses, governments and the individually wealthy and invests those assets under what’s called management.


So the MSC team takes this responsibility and turns it into a new machine. What we mean by this is that Madison Street nurtures its staff of the most qualified people and enable them to learn, understand and partake in the world’s best work ethic known in finance.


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Anthony Petrello Rises Above

Anthony Petrello has been a member of the Nabors Board of Directors since 1991. He is also a member of the executive committee and has been since 1991 as well. Mr. Anthony Petrello has had a long and prosperous history with Nabors Industries LTD.


He has been the CEO and President of Nabors since October of 2011. Another important function that Mr. Petrello provides to the company is his excellent planning and direction initiative which helps the company prosper and enable new business strategies.


Before Mr. Petrello graced Nabors Industries with his expertise, he was an attorney with Baker & McKenzie Law Firm. At their Law Firm he focused on taxation, general corporate law and international arbitration. He was the managing partner of Baker & McKenzie in their New York office from 1986 to approximately 1991. He resigned in 1991. Mr. Petrello got his law degree from Harvard University. He also received his BS and MS degrees from Yale in mathematics.


Tony Petrello is also the director of the Texas Children’s Hospital. Petrello is a huge advocate for clinical research and programs for neurological disorders for children. This in part is due to having a disabled daughter himself. He and his wife have made it their life’s mission to try to help children that have neurological disorders like their child and more information click here.


Although Tony Petrello had his share of hardships he has persevered and managed to graduate from some of the highest ranked schools and is now the head of a major corporation. His old college roommate was amazed at how far he has come. He could not believe when he saw his name that it was the same scrawny kid he went to college with and learn more about Anthony.


Now that he knows how to make Nabors Industries a successful corporation, who knows where Mr. Petrello will turn his sights to next. It seems that he is able to make just about anything work once he sets his mind to it. Tony has come a long way from his early days in New Jersey as a child of working-class parents and his Twitter.


More visit:

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Highland Capital Management the future of investing

Who is Highland Capital Management?

Highland Capital Management is one of the most prominent alternative credit managers in the world today. Independently-owned with their home base located in Dallas, Texas. They have several other locations in New York, São Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul. This far-reaching network consists of a team of over 180 employees and is ever growing. Their genesis began with the founding partners James Dondero and Mark Okada over 20 years ago. They decided to launch a joint venture along with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. They began with the management of senior secured bank loans and fixed income markets.


Here’s a timeline of their success:

*1990- January James Dondero and Mark Okada launch a joint venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation.

*1993- their joint venture metamorphosized into PAMCO (Protective Asset Management Company)

*1997- PAMCO begins to pick up steam, James Dondero and Mark Okada buy Protective Life’s stake in the company and launch Ranger Asset Management, L.P. as a separate and independent registered advisor with the SEC.

*1998- Ranger Asset Management, L.P. are renamed to Highland Capital Management, L.P. and never look back.


The Question on everyone’s mind is how do they do it? The key to their strategy is CLO (Collateralized Loan Obligation) management and investing. Their goal for dealing with management is to be transparent with investors while achieving solid results with less risk. They reduce the volatility and are equipped with a powerful array of tools to ensure that their proclivity for winning will never stop.



Highland Capital Management deploys strategies that have been tried and proven with diversified methods of attack to yield you real returns in the following areas:

*High Yield Credit

*Structured Products

*Distressed and special Situations

*Long/Short Equity


*Emerging Markets

*Real Estate


Contact Highland Capital Management the future of investing.



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Plan A Successful Party With These Tips

Planning a party is a time to make memories rather than stress yourself out. It is easier to plan and host your party when you take the time to get organized. You can plan a successful party by keeping the following tips in mind.


Start Planning Early: There is nothing like making or changing plans at the last minute to increase your stress level. This is why it is important to start planning your party several weeks or months in advance. You are giving yourself time to piece your party together and make any necessary changes. You are also giving your guests time to check their schedules and RSVP to their invitations.


Make Several Lists: The best way to stay organized is to make several lists for your party. You need a to-do list with every task that must be completed, and you should make a shopping list with food, decorations and other supplies. Do not forget to make a guest list with contact information, RSVPs, food allergies and other dietary restrictions. You can also make a list of possible venues and entertainment.


Choose A Theme: It is easier to plan your party when you are narrowing down your food, decorations and supplies to a specific theme. You may want to host an elegant tea party for an anniversary, or maybe you want to host a luau for your next corporate function. It is best to come up with a theme that fits the goal of your event.


Hire A Party Planner: If you become overwhelmed with the planning, there are several personal and corporate event planners in NYC who are willing to plan your party. Twenty Three Layers has a strong reputation in the party planning community. The staff has experience in planning successful events ranging from weddings to corporate functions.


Twenty Three Layers offers services such as venue selection, catering, entertainment and photography. You can also hire the company to take care of the lighting and floral design at the venue.


When you start planning early, get organized and look into event planning companies in NYC, you are sure to host a successful party.

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Lori Senecal Is Set To Leave CP+B In December

Lori Senecal will exit CP+B at the end of the year. The global chief executive officer of CP+B has served the company for one and a half years. She has announced that she will step down when her contract expires at the end of 2017. Lori joined the agency in March 2015. Notably, MDC Partners owns CP+B. More details can be found on Salary.

The executive leader joined the company from MDC Partners to fill the new position that was created specifically for her. Her tenure at the company was characterized by enhanced growth and profitability margins. The company widened its global operations, thus augmenting its bottom-line. When the new position was created, the former CEO of CP+B became the second-in-command in the corporation. It is not clear whether this position shall be retained after her exit. She recently spoke at the 3% conference that can be found on YouTube.

Speaking during the announcement of Lori’s future career at the company, Chuck Porter noted that the executive leader had demonstrated that she was the ideal candidate to turn around CP+B into a new global agency. Her leadership focused on ensuring that the company adopts flexibility and nimbleness to enable it to capture a larger market share. Porter is the co-founder and chairman of CP+B.

Senecal’s success at CP+B was unrivaled. One of her major accomplishments was getting into a contract with the American Airlines in October 2015. The inclusion of the airline in the company’s client list meant an end to a 25-year-old business relation between American Airlines and TM Advertising, the company that handled the airline’s marketing needs.

Porter noted that Lori had helped the company to set the right business structure. The two entrepreneurs are now working together to develop the next-generation of leaders, who will take over after Lori steps down. He noted that the process is delicate and needs loads of thoughtful and careful decisions. In addition, Porter referred to the executive leader as a good friend and partner.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is an American executive leader based in the New York City. Over the years, she has provided transformative leadership at CP+B and MDC Partners Network. Lori is an alumnus of McGill University where she pursued her bachelor of commerce degree. Previously, she worked for Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners as president and chairperson of the board.

In addition, Lori has worked for other companies, including KBS, McCann Erickson and McCann Worldgroup. One of her achievements at KBS was enhancing the company’s productivity. To this end, she increased the number of employees from 250 to 800. Lori is a recipient of the Quantum Leap Award. She also helped CP+B to be named “Creativity Innovators of the Year.” Visit LinkedIn to know more.

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Amazon Has Some Stiff Competition in Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

There are not too many companies that try to succeed in the fashion niche only because Amazon is commanding a huge chunk of that e-commerce space. That being said, even though Amazon owns 20% of the active-wear market online, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has made some serious gains in three years, surpassing over $250 million in sales in that short amount of time. If Hudson can keep Fabletics moving in that direction, she will perhaps give Amazon a real run for their money finally.


Asking Hudson what her company is doing different than all the other fashion e-commerce businesses that have failed over the years, she credits the success to reverse-showrooming and her unique membership structure. To see her business model in action, you only need go down to the mall to her retail stores and witness the difference in the shopping experience. Women who come into the store are encouraged to apply for a free membership and take the Lifestyle Quiz, but there is zero pressure to buy anything in the store. In fact, most women try on different pieces of active-wear but leave the store with nothing.


So how is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics making $250 million when women are leaving with nothing?


This is the key to the success of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. All those items that were tried on in the store are then moved to the website in the shopping cart for consideration at a later time. The genius in this process is most women will window-shop when they are in a hurry, and now they come back online and night when they can relax and look around at all the other styles. Since consumers already know what size flatters their shape, they can shop around and get exactly what will fit them perfectly. This encourages women to buy this athleisure brand without any shopping pressure.


Of course, there are a few other things that make this brand such a hot ticket today. All of the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics apparel is high-quality and ships for free to members. Each member who tool the Lifestyle Quiz will have their own personal shopper who is going to pick one item each month for the customer to consider. Love the item, you buy it, hate the item, shop for something else without any pressure. This has literally changes the way that woman can shop for active-wear and workout apparel online.

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Doe Deere: A Woman On A Mission

Lime Crime cosmetics founder Doe Deere is a woman on a mission. Since founding the company in 2008, she has used innovative online marketing campaigns to make the world aware of her high-quality, smudge-resistant, easy to use make-up that is never tested on animals. Doe Deere started the cosmetics line while living in New York and performing with her rock & roll brand. These days she focuses strictly on expanding the range of quality products Lime Crime offers and making her customers happy. She has been able to do that by keeping the lines of communication open and remaining committed to quality.


The success of Lime Crime has led many people to see Doe Deere as an inspiration and a role model. It is a responsibility she takes very seriously. She spends a good deal of time speaking to women in person and online,e offering them guidance and encouragement, and helping them to see how they too can start their own companies. That work has made her more accessible to her customer base and helped them to more clearly see what’s possible when they apply themselves and attempt to make their dreams a reality. Doe Deere also continues to be honest and authentic in her mission to produce makeup in the loudest colors possible to allow people to release their inner colorful unicorn.


Born in Russia, Doe Deere has been involved in business since she was a youngster. She started by selling temporary tattoos at school. When her family moved to New York City when she was a teenager, she attended Fashion Institute of Technology to get the training, experience and connections to become the clothing designer and model she had long dreamed she could be. Years later after trying her hand at rock & roll, people encouraged her to market the innovative line of neon bright cosmetics she made by hand. That formed the foundation of Lime Crime cosmetics.


Now that she has achieved great success and has the attention of a growing number of women worldwide, Doe Deere is working hard to help them to understand that they too can make their dreams a reality if they are willing to work at it. Part of Doe Deere’s mission is to open doors for the female entrepreneurs that will be following in her footsteps. She’s offering her support so their road to success won’t be as difficult as hers.

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Beautiful Hair With WEN By Chaz

People with fine hair have a hard time using different hair products. Emily McClure used WEN by Chaz Dean on her fine hair. She saw all of the infomercials on television and wanted to know what all the hype was all about. So Emily did a challenge where she used WEN by Chaz Dean every day. Her results were surprising. With all the activity of her day, Emily had really oily hair, so she bought the products from eBay and started day one on the challenge. She started to shampoo her hair with cleansing conditioner and started to feel a change instantly. Her hair felt thicker than it was originally. She also noticed that her hair didn’t fall out as it did when she used other shampoos. When she rinsed and blow dried her hair, it surprisingly more bouncy and shiny. The next day when she woke up, she noticed a good change. She went through the day and came back home to wash her hair. He hair felt as good as it did the first day. On day three, she immediately washed her hair with Wen hair by Chaz Dean and liked the end result. At the end of day three, her hair still looked healthy and shiny.

On days 4 and 5, Emily noticed that her hair still looked healthy and shiny. She loved that her hair felt incredibly soft. She felt confident in her hair when using WEN by Chaz Dean. On the last day, which was day seven, she was happy with her hair overall. She enjoyed using WEN by Chaz Dean.

WEN by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner that eliminates the use of shampoo. WEN by Chaz is moisturizing and healthy for the hair. Unlike shampoo that strips hair of its natural oils, WEN by Chaz maintains those oils to ensure that the hair stays soft, shiny and bouncy. Check out the Wen Facebook page for more hair care tips.

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