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TOWN Residential Opens it Tenth Office in Three Years in the NYC Market

TOWN Residential was founded in Manhattan in 2010, and during the past six years, Andrew Heiberg has created a new standard of real estate excellence within the NYC industry. With thousands of real estate agents in NYC, TOWN Residential established a new and exciting brand of real estate for luxury property.


 TOWN is quickly rising to the top of the New York industry, now with 10 magnificent residential real estate offices. This most recent one is in the meatpacking district, which is the hottest neighborhood in NYC right now.


The number 10 is always a game-changer, and with this 10th property, Heiberg is taking over the entire second floor at 446 W. 14th St. TOWN Residential is making their excellence apparent to NYC. Luxury properties never go out of style and are rarely affected by the economy, so Heiberg arranged a 15-year lease for this prime property that sits in the center of a growing neighborhood of spectacular high-end condos and apartments.


The TOWN representatives have expert knowledge of the city, and they provide a high standard of customer service, which is a winning combination. Giving undivided attention to the client creates a relationship built on substantial values, and TOWN lives up to the superior standard of putting the customer first. Heiberg is experienced and qualified in real estate business, but it is his leadership qualities that have catapulted TOWN to the top of the industry.


This new office space is located at the entrance of High Line, which is the hottest area of real estate in NYC right now. With over 7,000 sq. ft., which is the entire second floor of the building, Heiberg will move one of his smaller offices from the West Village in as well as the boutique brokerage of Thomas & Ingram.


The owner of the building, Thor Equities. is one of Town’s parent investors. Thor and Heiberg have had an ongoing relationship for several years, and the fact that Thor is the landlord makes all the difference in Heiberg moving in and establishing the TOWN presence in this district. Heiberg obtained a 15-year lease on the space and is excited to have this strategically located property.


TOWN Residential has opened two other new luxury real estate offices in the recent months: one in Union Square and one in Greenwich Village. TOWN is accelerating in the luxury housing market, and they firmly anticipate remaining at the top.


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