Six Simple Ways To Keep Your Ecommerce Personalization Up and Your Customers Coming Back

We recently spoke with Sentient AI, which is a data solutions agency focusing on online marketing and ecommerce content. We wanted to know their perspective on ecommerce personalization and how to keep customers loyal to your brand.

“Your customer might leave you a positive review, but that does not mean they will come back for more. You need to work hard to earn someone’s business and then keep it”.

Representative from Sentient AI

According to Sentient AI, there are 6 simple ways to keep your customers happy and loyal to your online brand.

1) You need to build a relationship with them, even become their friend in some way. You cannot just move on and focus on the next transaction. You need to follow up. You cannot rely on positive reviews alone and leave it at that.

“The more loyalty you build with your customer, the more they will recommend you to someone else”.

2) You should offer an appreciation of some kind because you should never assume they are going to be happy. Show them you care. Send them a thank you note in the mail after their online purchase.

3) Make it easy for them to talk to you. Respond promptly to any messages you receive. Some buyers might offer a chance to get to know them better on a personal level. You should take them up on that offer because it will only increase the likelihood that they continue to trust you.

Some sellers will have excellent communication at first, but once the product is delivered, they reduce their chat time and start blowing you off. Those of you who want to be successful should avoid this trap as much as possible.

4) You need your best people at the front of the line to handle the customers. Your product will mean nothing unless you have a great team on your side.

5) Pay it forward.

6) Listen to what your customers are saying. Respond honestly when they ask you a question. Sellers who dismiss a question, or only respond to specific questions intentionally, they are sending a direct message to you. Sometimes it is what a seller is not saying that tells you everything you need to know.

“Customer loyalty does not end after the product is shipped and delivered. You need to find a way to always stay in touch”.